I was so excited to be offered this Harry Potter invisibility cloak in return for an honest review as I knew my niece and nephew would love it! I was not wrong!!

Are you a big Harry Potter fan? Do you have a child who is a big fan and would love to have a real invisibility cloak? Maybe this is on their Christmas wish list but you want to see a bit more about it before you commit?

Here I have the lowdown of how it works, tips and videos to get you started!

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak by Wow! Stuff - A review with videos

How does the invisibility cloak work?

It is magic – what more do you need to know?

Using an app on your phone or tablet you can make anything or anyone (up to the size of the cloak) disappear! Essentially it uses a green screen-type principle. The magic means it works for children and adults of all ages and even pets!

Tips for setting up the Harry Potter invisibility cloak

The cloak has two sides the design is shown in the photo below. My nephew Alex is a big Harry Potter fan so he couldn’t wait to try it out! The reverse of the cloak is green this is the side that makes you appear invisible.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak by Wow! Stuff - A review with videos

The first step is to set the scene. This involves getting your phone/tablet into position and taking a photo of the wall/area of the room with no children, pets or moving objects/people in the picture.

Long hair looks better in front of the cloak and avoiding creasing the cloak helps too.

The best place to set this up is somewhere with a busy background. By that I mean a patterned or cluttered background works well. A plain background like the one above isn’t as effective as you can see in the photo below of my niece Bella.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak by Wow! Stuff - A review with videos

The best way to use the invisibility cloak

As I said above, the cloak works best with a busy background. Another point to consider is that for effect it is great to have a floating head above a body that disappears completely. By doing it this way it is easier for children to manoeuvre and still look great on camera.

A tip for great videos

One tip I would give you for great videos is to hide from each other and jump out/appear. As you can see in the videos I have shared this looks great! This works for adults and children alike.

Tips for using the app

When using the app make sure you have the phone securely in position by using a phone stand or a tripod, rather than just holding it. If the video is not recording correctly or the person does not disappear this could be because of a slight movement of the camera.

Ensure that once you set the scene with a blank photo, as described above, you move nothing in it. This even applies to lighting.

If you set the scene when a light is on or a TV is shining a light across the area it makes a difference and does not work as well when you then disappear!

Make sure that you save your videos after you have captured them as the app itself does not save them. In the top right of the screen after capturing a video or photo just click save.

Do not click out of the app whilst you are using it or you will need to set the scene again!

How to use Harry Potter Invisibility cloak with young children

Young children will love this just as much as older children and adults. They may just need a little help to make sure it works well. Here are a few tips to help them.

Ensure the background for them is something they won’t easily knock into, e.g. a bookcase rather than a curtain. It makes it less likely that they will disturb the scene that was set and the results will be more effective.

If necessary, help them to cover themselves well with the cloak. They can easily forget to cover their feet which is a giveaway!

What did we think of the Harry Potter invisibility cloak from Wow! stuff?

Value for money

Whilst it is quite expensive if you consider it as essentially a dress-up outfit it is so much more than just that. Harry Potter is here to stay and so many people young and old love it. The whole family will enjoy it.

The standard version which we received for testing is currently £45.99 on Amazon and £39.99 on Smyths. With Amazon, you can get it on Prime too so it arrives the next day! The Deluxe version is only slightly different and in my eyes, you will be just as happy with the standard version.

Quality of the invisibility cloak

The cloak itself is fabric and made of two layers. It feels good quality and has a metal fastening to hold it fastened if required. It is the perfect length and size for adults and children. It can also be used for dressing up on its own, without the app.

A good present?

We all had great fun with the Harry Potter invisibility cloak and think it would be a great present for any Harry Potter fan. The recipient really needs to have their own mobile phone or tablet for the app however or you will be losing your phone for hours of fun!

Which devices does the app work on?

The app is available on Android 5.0 and above and iOS 11 and above. It does not currently appear to be available on Kindle Fire tablets or other operating systems.

Would we recommend it overall?

Yes most definitely. It is a great toy or activity for all the family. As you can see from our videos it had us all laughing so much, especially when young Bella forgot to hide her feet!

Go and buy one now, you will love it!

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