Ben is so excited to be starting college next week. He is most looking forward to the independence of college and being able to wear whatever he likes. Anyone who knows Ben will know that this is likely to mean football shirts, tracksuits and trainers. As you know I am one of the adidas bloggers so we received a gift voucher to buy some college gear for Ben.

What did Ben choose?

Ben loves trainers and is very keen on styling his outfit with the right footwear. He has a few pairs of men’s trainers from adidas he loves already but never objects to being treated to more!

He chose the Adizero Adios 7 Shoes which look amazing. Ben loves lime green so these trainers having a little of that made them very much his style.

Ben also chose a tracksuit. A great choice in my opinion as it is comfortable for college and also warm for autumn and winter. The tracksuit he chose is called Aeroready essentials 3-stripes tracksuit and was a bargain at £45 for the set.

The final item Ben chose was the latest Arsenal football shirt. Ben loved the black and gold design of the away shirt and was excited to order that. Ben likes Arsenal, like many other teams, more about that later!

A mum’s opinion of college wear

Whilst Ben has a lot of pairs of trainers he does, in some ways, need them. I like him to always have pretty sturdy good condition, trainers to support his ankles and feet. His physiotherapist recommended this too.

As much as Ben likes to think that he was in charge of choosing what he wanted I also had a bit of input. As a mum, I was keen for him to get comfortable essentials rather than something that looks good but isn’t practical. The tracksuit he chose was perfect for this as both parts can easily be worn separately.

Have you ever noticed that football shirts are made of the perfect material for busy parents? They never need ironing, they dry quickly, they don’t crease and they never fade. Ben’s love for football shirts is perfect in my eyes!

Ben’s choice of football shirts

I know the eagle-eyed of you will have seen various photos of Ben, especially on Instagram, wearing different football shirts. It is easy to think these are all teams he supports which wouldn’t be wholly accurate.

Ben absolutely loves football. He spends far more time than he probably should playing Fifa and is obsessed with scores, transfers etc. Ben also collects football lanyards and shirts. There are a few teams he would never dream of wearing shirts for but otherwise, he loves them all.

Ben’s favourite team is Mansfield Town, our local team, so he would never entertain the idea of a Chesterfield or Notts County shirt. Otherwise, he is open to any, especially if it has a design he loves.

16 year old boy sitting on grass wearing adidas clothing and trainers

Do you have a young person that is starting college this year? What are their favourites? If budgets are tight I can recommend checking the adidas sales for some bargains. For women, they have some great sports bras and women’s tracksuits too. Don’t forget that lots are unisex so you can look for both to find the perfect college wear.

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