Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn is one of the presents many young girls are asking for this Christmas. It is available at most toy shops including Amazon.

As a mum of a boy, I was a little in the dark about what a Poopsie is until my niece Bella told me how much she wanted one. Not that boys can’t have them, of course, but it seems more girls want them than boys!

When I was offered the chance to review it I knew I would get massive Auntie brownie points for this one and couldn’t wait.

Here I will share with you my thoughts of the Poopsie Slime Surprise, Bella’s thoughts of the Poopsie and also those of my mum. We tried it out at my mum’s house, which you will soon see was the best decision ever!

poopsie surprise unicorn and 4 poopsie slime surprises

What is a Poopsie Surprise Unicorn?

You would be totally forgiven for not knowing this, there are so many toys around nowadays. Unicorns have become really popular in recent years and anything unicorn themed is likely to be a great gift for most young girls.

In essence, the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn is a unicorn that magically makes slime and then poops it out into a potty!

Bella opening poopsie surprise unicorn

What do you get in a Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn?

A Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn is almost like a blind bag in that there are 4 different unicorns available and you do not know which you will get until you open the pack. Each unicorn also includes the following:

A diaper and t-shirt for the unicorn (both plastic which you will soon appreciate!)

A spoon

A bottle (exclusive as different ones available)

A hairbrush

A cleaning tool

A measuring cup

A Potty

4 Unicorn food packets

4 Unicorn magic packets

1 Unicorn sparkle packet

Slime storage keychain (exclusive as different ones available)

All of which come in separate little packets to make for lots of excited squeals as it is opened and lots of rubbish for parents!

Poopsie surprise unicorn contents

How does the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn magic work and make slime?

This is a long process that involves around 19 steps. In essence, this consists of the following:

Feed the Poopsie some glittery powder.

Feed the Poopsie a little water.

Mix a different powder and water in the bottle, shake for a minute then feed to the unicorn.

Mix the mixture up in the unicorn’s belly by shaking the unicorn or making it do a cartwheel.

Press the heart-shaped belly button and out poops the slime.

feeding poopsie unicorn

The reality of Poopsie’s magic – Bella’s perspective

Bella was so excited when she saw what I had brought her. Her eyes lit up and her cuddles said it all. Bella is 6 years old, almost 7 and Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn is the toy of a girl her age’s dreams.

She could not wait to open it and loved opening all the little packets to find the surprises. She was rather disappointed at the number of plastic tags she needed help to open though.

Bottle feeding poopsie

Bella found it fun feeding the unicorn and seemed to think it was beautiful (personally I am not so sure). Bella is very bright for her age but still needed help to follow all the instructions which I think disappointed her a little.

We found it rather tricky to make the slime successfully and poor Bella wasn’t too impressed with this. She told me, on more than one occasion, that “on YouTube, it looks easier than this”!

After over an hour and a half of trying we finally achieved a small amount of slime. Bella was very impressed with her slime.

Bella says she loves Poopsie and it is great. She did however say she would rather make the slime in a pot next time and just play with the unicorn separately.

She tried to be positive because she had wanted Poopsie so much but there was clear disappointment in how the slime was far from instantaneous.


The reality of Poopsie’s magic – My perspective

I can’t hide my disappointment I was very unimpressed by this toy. For the price (around £50 for the Poopsie surprise unicorn and £10 each for the slime surprise packs) I think it is a bit overpriced.

I appreciate all children’s toys seem to be but this to me really was something that I did not like.

The making of the slime was tricky and messy. It involved a lot of adult input and a lot of mess. This is why I said I was glad we did it at Grandma’s house!

I have a dress that is now covered in glitter and slime. Feeding the mixture to Poopsie was messy it didn’t go properly into the mouth and kept leaking down the face, neck, into the hair and all over the carpet, table and our clothes.

poopsie on potty

The slime that was made would have been much better made in a separate container or better still bought pre-made!

If you love clearing up the glittery mess and spending hours trying to make the magic work then you are sure to love this. Unfortunately, I certainly didn’t and I am pretty sure my sister will feel the same.

If you have someone who always buys your child messy gifts then definitely get this for them as revenge. Otherwise to be honest it isn’t my thing. If you do get a Poopsie Surprise Unicorn I would thoroughly recommend doing it with many wet cloths at the ready!

The reality of Poopsie’s magic – Grandma’s perspective

As I said above we opened and played with made mess with Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn at my mum’s house. I had forewarned her we were bringing a toy that I was reviewing for Bella but had not told her what.

When I told her this, in true Grandma fashion, she said “don’t worry I am sure it won’t be too messy and will clear up”!

Upon watching us having fun with Poopsie losing patience with the slime water leaking everywhere my mum very much agreed with me that it was extremely messy and expensive.

In my mum’s words “imagine having to deal with all this mess Christmas morning”. I have to agree, I am glad I don’t have a girl that could be bought this!

Another view of my mums which I tend to agree with is that £50 for this, or £90 if you look at the first picture with the additional slime packs, it could quite easily be a child’s only present.

We both agreed that it certainly wouldn’t bring the fun and excitement you hope for Christmas day.

poopsie bottle and keychain

Top tips for Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

If you do buy Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn for your child for Christmas, or some unsuspecting relative gifts it to your child then here are some tips you will definitely thank me for.

Do not do it whilst wearing any clothes you like!

Make sure you do the shaking of the unicorn very well before trying to release the slime.

Cover the table you are doing it on AND the carpet in the surrounding area!

Allow plenty of time.

Make sure you have a reward for yourself afterwards (Gin would be perfect!)

Tie your daughter’s hair back, it gets everywhere and you don’t want it in their hair!

Do not release the slime with the diaper on, it leaks everywhere.

Do not make the slime with the diaper on, it easily presses the belly button and releases liquid everywhere!

Remember throughout that you love your child and it isn’t their fault this is a messy nightmare!


Would we recommend it?

Bella says yes because she loves it but would suggest making the slime separately.

I say no with a big capital N! However, I do understand why kids who like slime, mess and unicorns would love it.

My mum says, it is ok but messy and certainly not worth the money in her eyes.

Where can you buy it?

As this is set to be a popular toy this Christmas you can buy it for an RRP of £49.99 in most places including the popular toy shops, Argos, The Entertainer and Smyths.

If you are wanting to buy it do get it quick though as with all popular gifts it may sell out long before Christmas Eve!

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  1. Our Poopsie seems to be missing an important part inside the stomach. When we feed the poopsie, it goes straight out of the bottom! Is there supposed to be some sort of container inside of the Poopsie so that it doesn’t leak out? We only started putting the glitter in and, thank goodness she was sitting on the potty, because it leaked out of the bottom immediately. I wholeheartedly agree with your suggestion to have covers over everything before you start! I think making the slime outside of the Poopsie is the better option too. In our case, it’s the only option!

    1. If I remember rightly it was holding it at the right angle and making sure that the nappy was on and such but it was utter rubbish and easier to make separately!!