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Compared to when I was young screens are such a big thing nowadays for many children. Don’t get me wrong they are great and there are so many benefits to being online and the hand-eye coordination kids develop using games is brilliant but they need to be outside and have a screen break too! Here are some great children’s gifting ideas I would recommend if you are trying to encourage your kids to get off their screens this summer.

child kicking a football on grass

Outdoor gift ideas


If you have a child who likes football, the chances are they already have a favourite ball but what about a new one? I love the idea of them creating their own football too. Other football-related gifts could be a net, a keepy-uppy counter or perhaps if you have more to spend why not make an ultimate football hamper with all these sort of goodies in?

Nature and space

Not all children are sporty but that doesn’t mean they can’t spend time outside enjoying themselves. Some kids love to sit and watch birds or butterflies and even though they are not moving around this is still a great screen break. Why not treat them to a butterfly garden or a caterpillar greenhouse?

For a more expensive gift what about a telescope? So many children have a fascination with space that this is sure to be well used, check out the apps available too where you point your phone at the sky to see the names of what you can see before using the telescope for a better look.

Indoor educational gift ideas

Educational gifts for indoors don’t have to be boring so here are some ideas I think you might like. Get those inquisitive minds thinking and doing something away from screens.


For a child who likes to do creative things and spends a lot of time painting there are some lovely gifts you can buy them. One of my favourites is build your own wooden birdhouse you could even get these magic pens to go with it. Another popular idea is rock painting as this can be done indoors when the weather isn’t great and then going out and hiding rocks for others to find on walks in local beauty spots is a great way to get out and away from screens again!


Stem is science technology engineering and mathematics is often referred to and sounds so educational but actually, there are so many activities children can do that cover these areas without being at all boring. I love the look of this cyborg hand you can build yourself, so many kids would love that, wouldn’t they? There are so many kits like that including robot building kits and similar so there is something for every age and ability.

For younger children you can buy magnetic sets that start those young minds thinking.

What gifts do you recommend for children to get them away from screens? Do you worry that your child is spending far too much time watching TV, playing games and staring at screens? I know I do and often insist Ben has some screen-free time!

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