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Lots of parents nowadays are looking for ways for their children to put down their digital devices and engage in more worthwhile pursuits. Encouraging them to join an extra-curricular activity can do just that, and there are many advantages to doing so. For instance, your child may unearth hidden talents that will not only bring them joy in their childhood but could even lead to a potential career when they’re older.

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It’s a chance for them to meet like-minded people and make lifelong friends, as well as developing a range of key skills that can benefit them both academically and on a personal level. I have teamed up with an independent boarding school to explore the benefits of extra-curricular activities in further detail.

Provides a Change of Scenery

In order to continue learning and maintain their sense of curiosity, children need to be stimulated with new environments and activities on a regular basis. If they become too familiar with the four walls of your home, they might become withdrawn as they won’t have a hell of a lot to talk about. Pursuing a hobby will provide them with a change of scenery that will inspire them and fuel their motivation.

Improves Confidence

When a child becomes increasingly more competent at a certain hobby, they will gradually become more confident in their abilities. For instance, if they learn an instrument, they will eventually perform in front of other people and receive praise and applause, which will give them a self-esteem boost.

Regardless of the skills learnt, it takes a lot of courage to try something new and the more often your child does this, the more comfortable they will be with stepping out of their comfort zone going forward.

What’s more, if they engage in a social activity, like a sports club, cooking club or drama classes, they will become more confident in meeting new people. 

Encourages Commitment

It can be difficult to juggle schoolwork, family life, socialisation, and extra-curricular activity. There will be times when your child feels like giving up, but they must learn how to persevere. Understanding the importance of commitment can help your child in various other aspects of their life, such as at school in lessons that they find more challenging, or even in their relationships. 

Teaches Time Management Skills

As mentioned, juggling a busy schedule can be challenging, but it’s a chance for your child to develop their time management skills. As a result, they will become better at prioritising certain tasks, which is something that even adults struggle to master in their place of work.

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