When I was sent to try the Hollywood Browzer to try out I was quite excited. I thought if it is as pain-free as it claims then maybe I could look better without too much hassle or pain! It is readily available on Amazon and of course directly on their website too.

I have openly admitted to you all before I am not really that much of a girly girl. Generally, I don’t take huge pride in my looks or wear makeup regularly etc. As such the Hollywood Browzer was not something I had come across.

I also must say I am not always one with the best-groomed eyebrows, it’s just not high on my list of priorities I’m afraid!

Closeup of black Hollywood Browzer tool

Is hair removal with the Hollywood Browzer painless?

Yes, it actually is, I was surprised. On the most delicate areas of skin, there was a slight pulling feeling however nothing like the pain of waxing, plucking or sugaring (the only things I have previously tried!).

It felt more like shaving though for someone accident-prone like me it is great that I can’t cut myself with this!

How long does the hair removal last?

I would say it lasts as long as shaving, grows back the same shaving does etc. So using the Hollywood Browzer doesn’t give effects lasting as long as something like waxing but to me, the fact it is pain-free makes that ok!

Closeup of black Hollywood Browzer tool in packaging

How handy is it to use?

The Hollywood Browzer is small and has a little pouch to keep it in. There are two packs available so easy to have one in a handbag and one at home! I think that having it handy in a bag is nice because you never have to be out for an evening and spot stray hair that you can’t do anything about!

How good value is it?

It sells for £15 for two Browzers and a protective pouch or £8.95 each. I think this is pretty reasonable and for that price worth a try. I found it a really handy easy-to-use tool.

Closeup of both sides of a woman\'s face with makeup on

Where can I get the Hollywood Browzer?

The Hollywood Browzer is available from Amazon.

Hollywood browzer

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