Looking for blogger gifts or gifts for a vlogger and really stuck? I know I am a hard person to buy for and that many other bloggers are, especially if they are self-employed and do reviews because we get sent items that we love and also buy what we want when we get paid etc.

Maybe it is just me that is hard to buy for? Anyway, here are my ideas for blogger gifts you might like to buy for a blogger or vlogger in your life.

blog written on notebook next to a laptop with glasses and a drink

A tripod for great photos and videos

I am always using a tripod or selfie stick to take decent photos. It is unbelievably hard when you are trying to pose a photo and then take a similar photo with the same angle again. With a tripod, you just don’t move it and you are halfway there!

It is also a perfect gift for bloggers who are just starting out. I highly recommend the Joby Podzilla as it can be bent and angled literally in any way you fancy!

The selfie bag

There are some lovely bags of useful gifts you can buy that I have previously reviewed, the Selfie bag is great for bloggers but also for anyone who just loves posting on social media! If you don’t want to take my word for it being great check out this other blogger review.

selfie bag contents

The foodie bag

The foodie bag is similar but has food bloggers and influencers in mind with tips, backgrounds and diffusers. In my eyes, they are a perfect gift idea for bloggers or vloggers with a food focus.

Closeup of photographic contents of the Foodie Bag

Business cards

If you are buying for a blogger who is starting to make money from their blog or has been making money for a while but still hasn’t had the time or confidence to buy business cards then this can be a great gift too. You could surprise them with some you think they would like or write a nice card offering to buy some.

A friend had these made from Aura print, I think they look great. I have previously bought some from Moo which I love but are now really out of date as they describe me in my late 30’s – unfortunately I am now 41!

A journal or notebook

I love making lists and writing reminders to myself so I think notebooks and journals are perfect gifts for bloggers. There are some specifically for bloggers, others are just nice and fun so you can choose whatever you fancy.

Photography classes

If you are looking for gifts for bloggers who like taking photos but are always complaining they are not good enough then why not buy them a photography class? Whilst there are plenty of tips online to perfect your photography, a class could be just what they need.

A nice bag that holds everything!

Bloggers and vloggers tend to have a lot to carry around for their job, whether that is a phone and tripod, camera or random items they are looking to photograph somewhere different so a nice bag could be perfect when looking at gifts for bloggers and vloggers. If you are looking for something specific then why not consider the Joby Bumbag which includes handy accessories too?

Other ideas

Other things you could consider when looking for gift ideas for bloggers may be more specific to their home or blogging niche such as photography backgrounds, indoor plants, lenses for their camera, a hosting package, or perhaps even a desk or new chair! Alternatively, normal gifts like perfume are nice, a cider delivery service, a watch or perhaps even just going for Amazon vouchers?

If they are always running out of time to do everything you can even buy them some professionally written content for their blog.

Do you have any other ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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