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I have shared before that I am a big fan of sending surprise gifts to people. Here I talked mostly about children and how to send a great gift to a child. Today I want to focus on an adult!

Maybe your best mate is having a tough time or you just feel like you are not seeing him/her as much as you would like to due to the pandemic restrictions etc. Sending a surprise card or gift is the perfect gesture.

A surprise gift of wine

It is easy to think of wine as something purchased from the supermarket but you can buy a much nicer wine from an Independent wine shop that can deliver the next day! It is great that you can really choose something special then which can even be gift-wrapped free (details here).

There are so many different wines to choose from whether it be a full-bodied red or a refreshing white I am sure you will choose something perfect.

If they are not a wine lover then maybe a box of chocolates or a bottle of gin? I would highly recommend this gin by the way!

In case your friend is located in the United States, you can surprise him with any of the wine sample gifts compiled by SnackNation.

Bottle of Saglietto white wine on black speckled background with wine glass and corkscrew

Some flowers

Have you ever received a surprise bouquet of flowers? I absolutely love getting flowers, not that I am good at keeping them alive I should add!

Where you order them from can be really up to you. This is one I would not recommend though based on my experience.

An alternative maybe could be a nice plant? Someone like me has a little more trouble killing a plant!

Flowers on multi-coloured wooden background


If you have a little more money to spare why not buy your mate some lovely jewellery? I absolutely love my Pandora bracelet and necklace at the moment and would always love something new for that. Is your friend like me?

Silver Pandora charm bracelet with various charms on black surface

Budget surprise gifts

If you are a little short on cash then how about a nice card or a bar of your friends favourite chocolate? Imagine how you would feel if you opened the post and instead of just bills there was a tasty bar of chocolate?

I am sure at that moment you wouldn’t are that it only cost 60p plus postage you would love the thought that went into it!

What surprise gifts would you send or what would you love to receive?

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