When I was contacted to review a bouquet of Home Bargains flowers just after my birthday how could I refuse!

I love flowers, they really brighten up a room, don’t they? So obviously I said yes!

Home Bargains flowers whilst part of the popular discount brand Home Bargains, do not have that written on the box.

I was intrigued to see how they would arrive and if they would be as budget as their price!

The Quality of the Flowers

As you can see above the flowers were beautiful. The bouquet I received was the Warm Wishes Bouquet with Vase. It is sold for £14.99 for the flowers and an additional £4.99 for the vase.

My thoughts on this were that they are more expensive than you would pay for similar at the supermarket. However, for flowers delivered directly, the price is more reasonable.

The flowers arrived fresh and lasted as well as flowers usually do in my care!

The Choice of Flowers

I love the colour selection and felt that it was a perfectly selected bouquet in that respect. Perfect colours for autumn but still bright and smell lovely.

The flowers complimented each other well and all were fresh and lasted the same amount of time.

The Delivery

I was dealing with a representative for the company as I received the flowers in return for an honest review. I did not order them through the website.

My flowers did not arrive on the day they should have. They arrived a few days later with no way of tracking them. I am not sure if this would be a problem you would encounter ordering from the website.

It may be that it was just due to the difference in being sent from the company directly. I feel this is important to note as I always say I will give an honest review.

The Packaging

I was impressed with the packaging as they came as a bouquet that looked lovely rather than a set of stems that needed to be arranged.

I think this makes a difference and was a nice way to receive flowers. The box did not mention home bargains and was sturdy and the flowers fit in well with plenty of space so they were not damaged by being squashed in.

The vase was boxed and inside the box too and well packaged.

Would I Order from Home Bargains Flowers?

The flowers were lovely so that would tempt me to order again however I would have to think carefully based on the delivery issues I had.

The flowers are a reasonable value bouquet and vase if you’re looking for a lovely bunch of flowers delivered well packaged.

I would not say they were great value for money but not too bad either.

Please note I was sent this bouquet and vase in return for an honest review of my experiences.

I have contacted the representative to confirm delivery details and have had no response so can not clarify why there was a delay.

How to choose flowers for a gift

Flowers are often the ideal gift choice when it comes to an occasion.

You may want to show someone you love them, you care or are thinking about them, or perhaps just give them as a gift for a birthday or anniversary.

Whatever the reason, a special bouquet of flowers can feel like a real treat. However, we often don’t know what sort of flowers to choose or whether they are the right sort of flowers to suit the occasion.

So with that in mind, here are some of the best flowers to choose when considering giving them as a gift. 

If you want to show someone you love them

One of the best reasons to give someone a lovely bunch of flowers is because you want to show them that you love them.

This is most likely at a time such as Valentine’s Day but they can also be the perfect gesture of love to a partner in a time of need or simply just because you care.

There are a few different flowers that you can choose from for this reason. Roses are often the most obvious choice.

A red rose can symbolise love whereas a white rose can be an indication of loyalty.

Yellow roses can mean friendship and pink roses can be a sign of admiration. If the relationship is new then a primrose can be an excellent choice as it represents new beginnings and new love. 

If you want to give flowers for a birthday

Often a bunch of flowers for a birthday is a great option to choose as a gift and because a birthday gift can be for anyone, you have a variety of flowers that you can choose.

If it is for a friend, you may want to show gratitude, and this is where a pink carnation is an ideal choice.

Geraniums will show true friendship and loyalty and jasmine can signify elegance and grace, which could be traits that you see in the person you are giving these flowers to. 

Flowers for a special occasion

Depending on who you are buying flowers for, a special occasion could be anything.

It could be that you want to congratulate someone, show them you are thinking of them, or celebrate a milestone like a wedding anniversary.

If you have reached the milestone of 25 years then the Iris is a traditional flower for this very sentiment. It shows faith and wisdom.

It could be that the flowers are a way of saying well done, and that is when a camelia could be a great choice.

Daffodils, albeit a representation of spring and perhaps an occasion such as Mother’s Day, also have significance if you are wanting to seek forgiveness and show the truth.

Dahlias are also great flowers to give for a special occasion as they can signify change and excitement. 

Whether you are wanting to show someone you care, share the love or use flowers as a gift for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday, I hope this has given you some inspiration and options for choosing the right bloom for you.

Other Home Bargain flowers reviews

I recently asked if anyone I knew had any experiences with them so here is one for you.

“I first became aware that Home Bargains provided a flower delivery service when I was looking at deliveries for Mother’s Day. I always find flower deliveries overly expensive so was intrigued as to the quality of their products and service. I ordered a bouquet for my Mum and a plant for my Mother in Law. Both were delivered when they were due, healthy, and honestly better than some more expensive deliveries I have purchased in the past. I have since used them a couple more times, and am just about to order again for my Mums birthday. I like value for money and am so glad I found this service.” Sam at Stressed mum.

If you found this helpful please share!

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  1. I’ve had an awful experience with them (October 2022). Late flowers and the staff have been rude and unhelpful.
    I would never waste my money again. Very sad as I hoped they could take on the giants. Instead I’ve been left feeling like they took my money, didn’t deliver and then were rude and obnoxious.

  2. I love Home Bargain flowers I never order from anywhere else now.
    I thought I would give home bargains a try after many disasterous bouquets by post and was delighted, I would recommend them to anyone and the recipients are always full of praise for the beautiful flowers they receive

  3. Thank you I was looking for flowers and so your review and the other one helped me to decide if I would order, I have been so disappointed in the past when I had flowers delivered to my relatives they looked nothing like the display on their website and the cost was not cheap either.