If you usually give someone wine or chocolates as a birthday gift but now they are dieting it can be hard knowing what to buy them. This is made especially hard if you want to buy something that shows support for their weight loss efforts. This is why these Slimming World gifts might be just what you are looking for.

Maybe it isn’t their birthday and you just want to get them a gift to say well done because you are proud of them. The range of options is broad depending on their interests from sports watch bands by Horus Straps to modern kitchenware if they are now enjoying cooking – it can fit every budget. Here is a little selection of Slimming World gift ideas that may help you.

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How to choose Slimming World gifts and Slimming World hamper ideas

Obviously, there are all the normal gifts you could buy someone but this selection are specifically ideal for someone who is losing weight and range in price from a few pounds upwards so something for every budget!

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Feel good Slimming World gifts

A spa day or some kind of pamper session

If they feel better than they did about their body they will love this treat. If a spa day isn’t an option – for example, COVID-19 lockdown restrictions or limited access to a spa – this sustainable letterbox pamper box would make a lovely, thoughtful gift.

Weight loss usually involves being more active and moving more as it’s a proven method of helping to shed the lbs and can achieve amazing results with the slimming world diet. All this extra movement can take its toll on your feet, so this gorgeous Twinkle Toes letterbox gift set for tired feet would make a great gift.


Do they feel better about themselves now and go out more often? A treat like nice makeup would go well with their new look. Some nice new makeup brush sets or makeup storage are great gifts for someone who’s feeling more confident and outgoing.

A holiday

I guess this isn’t for everyone but if you really want to treat your other half for doing well in their weight loss journey a holiday to show off their new body would be lovely! Even possibly a short trip rather than a big holiday?


Don’t forget though if you buy a ring to make sure you can get it resized if they are planning on losing a lot of weight as their ring size will change. If you propose following this post do tell me too! Alternatively what about a nice jewellery holder? I love lockets as gifts and have reviewed a few from Lily Blanche that I could recommend.

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Practical Slimming World gifts

A Plaque or chart to track their progress

These personalised weight loss charts are great for those following the Slimming World diet and can be customised with names and different weight loss amounts.

Custom Pins and Wristbands for Motivational Workouts

These https://www.gs-jj.com/wristbands/Custom-wristbands?utm_source=justaveragejen.com&utm_campaign=wristbands&utm_id=Selina0622″ target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>wristbands from GS-JJ are very unique and perfect for collection or gifting. They offer free designs service that you can customize and design unique motivational words or pictures for your friends or club members to inspire them to lose weight, and you and your friends can wear them in group sports.


Maybe they have little choice in their wardrobe and everything is too big so a new item would be lovely. Maybe something figure-hugging that they wouldn’t have worn before embarking on their slimming world journey? Or perhaps a nice new dress or going-out clothes so they can enjoy a night on the town.

If they’re getting into exercising alongside their Slimming World diet, new activewear or sports trainers also make great gifts.

Fitness watches

These are also essential for anyone who’s beginning to work out more – they can track your water intake, and your exercise and some can even play music wirelessly.

Bathroom Scales

If they don’t attend a group some new scales (these are the ones I recommend) to see how they are doing would be good. Losing weight isn’t all about the number on the scales though, a fun tape measure and inches lost tracker would also be helpful to allow Slimming Worlders to spot differences they would otherwise likely miss.

A meal-planning pad

This means they can record meal plans and track their weight loss to keep a record of the good and bad weeks. These are great gifts for those following Slimming World. This could really help them in their continuing journey and is cheap too.

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Slimming World gift ideas for the kitchen

A spice rack

Do they do a lot more cooking now? Maybe a lovely spice rack would be a good gift.

An Actifry or other air fryer

Don’t forget to send along a healthy air fryer cookbook that’s packed full of recipes for them to try out in their new toy.

A hamper of healthier snacks

Make a hamper including things like Alpen lights, Options hot chocolate and other tasty treats. 5 Syns Or less boxes also make great gifts for those days when you fancy having a little treat, without going over your syns allowance.

Are they an overnight oats fan?

These personalised overnight oat mason jars are really cute and reusable. They’re also incredibly worth a post on Instagram and practical as they’re leak-proof and easy to store.

Personalised milk bottles

There are lots of these available on Etsy and they make great gifts for Slimming World followers. You can even get milk bottles too.

A Fruit basket

A bit different from a box of chocolates and you could put exotic or unusual fruits in to make it more fun.

A recipe book

If you also go to a weight loss group like Slimming World you could get them a recipe book to try some new recipes for their plan. If not then maybe one like a slow cooker one, an Actifry one or a clean eating one as many of those recipes tend to be good.

A new knife block set

If they enjoy cooking this would, I am sure, be a welcome present. There is a huge variety from ones that in my opinion are far too expensive to more affordable knife blocks.

Do you have any other gift ideas I have not shared? Do comment below! If you are following a weight loss plan like Slimming World and like these Slimming World gift ideas then share this post with your friends and family and they might get some great ideas to spoil you!

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Etsy for weight loss

If you are like me and like buying fun new items to motivate your weight loss, then here are my favourites. Etsy is great for items for the kitchen and weight loss goodies. I could spend hours browsing there.

There are so many great food diaries too so you can record your meal plans and track your weight loss to keep a record of the good and bad weeks. Click the photos to have a look for yourself.

weight loss sign
a bottle of milk
A weight loss sign
teaspoon saying calories don\'t count on this spoon
Weight loss magnet
A close up of a bouquet of skinny whip bars

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Have a good look around and see how I can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Request my free resources to get you started too!

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