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For many parents, one of the most rewarding parts of the holiday season is seeing the smile on their children’s faces when the kids open up their holiday presents. However, if you’re like many other parents, you may be having a hard time coming up with great present ideas for your youngest children.

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If you have infants or small toddlers, you may be stuck on what to get the kids, beyond everyday necessities such as the kids’ favourite baby foods or Wellements infant probiotics.

However, it’s possible to fill up your little one’s stocking and place plenty of presents he or she will love under the tree as long as you get your creative juices flowing and do a little planning.

If you need top gift ideas for your infant or toddler this holiday season, these tips could help give you some starting inspiration.

What To Get an Infant for Christmas

Shopping for a newborn or a very young infant can sometimes feel tricky, especially if this is your baby’s first Christmas.

However, you can balance your desire to give your baby a picture-perfect holiday with more practical considerations by going for presents your baby is guaranteed to use.

For instance, consider purchasing warm items for the home or toys and educational materials to help your baby’s development. Some fun options your child might enjoy include:

  • Baby blankies
  • A Car Bed, castle bed or princess bed depending on their interests
  • Stuffed animals
  • Baby rattles and binkies
  • Nursery book sets
  • Doctor-approved dietary supplements such as organic liquid vitamins
  • Onesies and other everyday clothes
  • A memento Christmas ornament for your tree

Shopping for Toddlers This Christmas

Shopping for slightly older children may be a bit more straightforward than shopping for babies, but the gifts you select may depend on your family’s current budget or needs and your child’s preferences.

Whether you’re considering food-related gifts such as Wellements iron drops or practical items such as clothes, there’s a lot of leeway in shopping for toddlers. In general, you likely can’t go wrong with:

  • Tools or toys that are helpful for your child’s current developmental age
  • Bedroom accessories, such as blankets and pillows, that can help keep your child warm and comfortable throughout the season
  • Practical clothing, such as socks, shoes, jackets, sweaters, underwear and more, to ensure your child is well-dressed at all times
  • Treats or small toys that your child has been wanting for a while
  • Edible goods that are both delicious and highly nutritious for your little one
  • Fun and interesting educational materials, such as story books, colouring books and boxed sets of educational television shows or age-appropriate documentaries

Shopping for a very young child during the holidays can feel stressful, complicated and sometimes even nerve-wracking for any parent.

However, if you have an infant or toddler and are looking for gift ideas your little one will love, you can jump-start your creativity and flesh out a list of possibilities by considering the ideas listed above.

No matter your child’s age or stage of development, these tips can help you find the gifts that could put a smile on your little one’s face right away.

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