When I was offered this wireless charger in return for an honest review I couldn’t wait. Whilst I don’t currently have a mobile phone with wireless charging I know my new phone will have this capability as I am upgrading soon. Not only does this charge your phone but it also backs up your photos which is a good way of safeguarding your memories.

Sandisk iXpand wireless charger box

Why choose this wireless charger?

There are so many wireless chargers on the market that you could easily wonder why this one is anything special. The first thing I would say is that unlike a cheap brand from China when you buy a SanDisk product you know that you are getting quality. SanDisk is a well-known make which is well renowned for its high quality.

This wireless charger is more expensive than the cheap ones out there but it does so much with backing up your photos and charging your phone at the same time. This means that you can free up space on your phone and you won’t get that annoying storage full message every time you go to take a photo.

Do you ever back up your photos?

I know I am terrible for forgetting to back mine up. Luckily they all back up to Google Photos but that is not the same is it? Every now and then I back up hundreds but now when I get my new phone I never need to worry about that.

With huge capacities of 128Gb or 256Gb, it should keep all your pictures for quite some time. If it fills up, simply transfer them elsewhere then continue using it to back up as you charge!

SanDisk Wireless charger with phone on

How much is the iXpand Wireless charger?

There are two options for this charger based on its size. One is 128Gb and the other is 256Gb. The 128Gb option has an RRP of £89.99 and is identical to the 256Gb in every way other than capacity. The 256Gb one is £129.99. Amazon does have them a little cheaper at the moment though!

Would I recommend the SanDisk iXpand wireless charger?

I think this is an amazing device that is sleek and doesn’t take up much space. It is perfect for all the family to use. Whilst it is on the pricey side you get a lot of value and storage for your money along with the knowledge that you’re buying a good brand.

I never buy electrical items from brands abroad in places like China as you never know what safety tests they undergo. I don’t fancy setting my house on fire just to save a bit of money on a phone charger!

The Sandisk iXpand charger is extremely easy to set up and feels very robust and stylish. it is available directly from SanDisk at the Western Digital store or from Amazon.

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