This article includes products (the V8 engine kit) we were sent free of charge in return for sharing with you but all opinions are my own.

When we were offered the Machine Works V8 engine kit to review I knew that Ben and Stuart would be excited. We have previously built the internal combustion engine which was great. Well, when I say we, Ben and Stuart really, but you know if they can say we cooked dinner then I can say we built this engine!

How much fun would it be building a fully motorised model of a V8 petrol engine with over 250 parts? That along with an augmented reality (AR) app to see how it works looked such fun.

Ben smiling with parts of the half assembled engine in front of him
Ben building the v8 engine with his dad

How easy was the V8 to build?

For me, it was very easy as I mostly watched it! Stuart and Ben did a great job and there seemed to be no stress and arguments so I can only presume it went well from their perspectives too.

hands building the v8 engine

The instructions were clear and well set out. The engine kit is aimed at children 10 and older which I think is pretty accurate. Ben is 14 but has difficulties with his fine motor skills. For him to do it with his dad was perfect.

hands building the v8 engine

The whole building process took about an afternoon between them which is a perfect length I think. It was long enough to keep them occupied but not so long they got bored.

Is it educational?

This V8 engine kit is really good and teaches so much about both patience and engines. Ben learnt a lot about the workings of an engine from the AR app and was fascinated to see how it was built.

The V8 engine AR app
The V8 engine AR app

The engine moves and operates when it is built which shows them exactly how it works and which bits move etc.

How easy was the app to use?

The AR app for the finished model was really easy to use provided you had the model sitting on the sheet enclosed. It was a little tricky to line it up well but as soon as you do it is amazing.

v8 app showing how it works

The app shows different views of the engine and how it works. There is so much content on the app to show you how a V8 engine works. You can see how the bits all move in the model you have made and the similarity to an actual engine.

v8 app showing motion

Would we recommend the V8 engine kit?

We most definitely would recommend it. I loved how educational it is and how it really encourages children in STEM areas. STEM is science technology, engineering and mathematics areas of learning.

hand holding a phone showing v8 app

Is it something you would consider buying for your children or grandchildren? It is currently £47.12 on Amazon and if you like the idea of the Internal combustion engine that is on Amazon too.

Do you enjoy building things like this with your children? We have more reviews of things like this coming up soon. Do keep an eye out.

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