The lovely guys at Snuggle Seat gifted me two Snuggle Seats in return for sharing them with you. I would have shared them anyway though as they look amazing!

What do you buy for a new baby? Clothes they will quickly grow out of? A wrist rattle or teddy that may be identical to one from someone else? Or perhaps you ask the parents what they need and buy something useful? Whatever you buy the gift it can be a hard choice.

Snuggle Seat - The perfect new baby gift

We have friends who are expecting twins, how exciting, but what do you buy parents of twins? I was tempted to just buy them a bottle of wine as they will surely need it but the reality is you want to buy a useful gift and one that is a nice gift. No one wants to buy nappies or bottles however useful they are, do they? This is when I came across the Snuggle Seat.

What is the Snuggle Seat?

You would be forgiven for not knowing what a Snuggle Seat is as they are quite new. If like me you have a teenager a lot seems to have changed. It is basically a beanbag for babies and young children that lasts until they are around 8 years old or 30kg.

Carefully designed to keep your baby safe it comes with the harness attached however a replacement cover is also included without the harness for when they are bigger. It has won awards and I am not surprised it looks so stylish and feels comfortable for a baby/child too.

Snuggle Seat - The perfect new baby gift

Why I love the Snuggle Seat

For our friends who are expecting twins, I thought this would be the perfect gift. They have other children so don’t want a house full of unnecessary useless items but ones they can really benefit from.

I personally can not even begin to imagine how hard having twins is. However, I imagine these could be a total lifesaver! Once one baby is strapped safely in you can go ahead and feed or change the other.

I love that the designs are all the sort which could really look good in any house and for any age child. They are simple but effective. There is a huge variety of designs available you are sure to find one that is perfect for your baby or the family you are gifting it to.

Snuggle Seat - The perfect new baby gift

The top of the Snuggle seat is not only soft and comfortable but also well padded with the zip well concealed so little legs don’t catch it. Whilst the base and sides are made from hard-wearing scuff-free materials and the base is slip-resistant so you really can’t ask for any more.

The perfect gift?

Personally, I think it is a great gift because not only is it useful but it is lovely too. It is something that will really help the parents out when they need to put the baby down safely and even if they have a bouncy chair, swing or similar this is different and has different uses. We all know babies take to some things more than others!

At less than £40 it will be a well-used gift. Our friends who are expecting twins will love them I am sure. The quick-release buckle can be undone with one hand too which I can only imagine will be handy when lifting and manoeuvring two wriggly babies!

Check out the Snuggle Seat designs available here.

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  1. This is an interesting seat for kids. They will enjoy this same as adults enjoyed bean bags. Super safe and comfortable to use.

  2. This looks so cute. My sister gave birth to her beautiful baby and I am actually looking for something I could give. Perfect gift idea!

  3. This would make a great baby shower gift. It’s a great option to a swing or bouncy seat, because like you said, you never know what a baby will like. Some prefer to move, others like something soft and sqooshy.

  4. This is a great gift for new parents. I like the fact that your child can use it a long time. Yes, this is my first time hearing about it and I will be looking for it for gifting.

  5. I especially love that this can be adapted for your kids get bigger! So many baby items are used for a short time and then get rehomed, but this looks like something that can stick around for awhile.

  6. I agree. Getting the perfect gift can be really complicated. Specially when I don’t have kids of my own. This seat is cute and practical. Definitely sharing this with my preggo friends.

  7. I don’t have a baby, but if I had one I’d love to get this wonderful seat. I’ll recommend it for sure to my friends, who are moms. 🙂