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Knowing how to treat your stepdad for father’s day can be difficult. As someone who never knew my dad and grew up with a single mum, I always found it hard knowing how to treat my stepdad for father’s day whilst acknowledging his role in my life but also accepting he is not actually my dad. Funny father’s day cards are the first thing I always look at. This is to make it fun rather than a sentimental start to the day.

The best gifts for a stepdad

There is no reason you can’t buy your stepdad the same gifts you would a dad but of course, the choice is yours. Here are some great ideas I have used over the years which may help you. Especially if your stepdad is someone you have only really known as an older teen or an adult.

A Magazine subscription

I once bought my stepdad, a keen gardener, a gardening magazine subscription. It was a nice gift that was easy to buy and isn’t too specific to dads so it is a nice way to treat your stepdad without feeling like you are buying a dad gift.

Theatre Tokens

I have bought my stepdad theatre tokens as a joint gift for him and my mum before as it is something they have enjoyed doing together and is easy to buy and ensure they are treating themselves to something of their choice. Perfect if you don’t actually know what he enjoys but know they often go to the theatre!


I know my stepdad likes whisky so I tend to resort to that quite often. Partly as it is easy to buy at the supermarket and partly because I am often stuck for ideas. There are so many whisky-related gifts you can also buy such as whisky rocks, whisky glasses, a whisky subscription or even a tour of somewhere that makes whisky! The same ideas can often be applied to other drinks if he has a different favourite!


Men’s clothing is pretty easy to buy and if you have a rough idea of his clothes size it can be easy to pick up a nice t-shirt or shirt depending on his style. It is a gift that really is adaptable to whatever your budget as you can get t-shirts for a fiver in the supermarket up to hundreds of pounds from designers!


Who doesn’t like chocolate? If your stepdad is a chocolate lover then buy some of his favourites or perhaps something new you think he would like to try. It doesn’t have to be one of those “Dad” Toblerones, it can simply be a box of Quality Street!

Showing you care for under a fiver

If you are on a tight budget then the best thing I can recommend is a nice card with a well thought out few words sharing what he means to you in your own words. You can add in cooking a meal or perhaps taking him to the pub for a drink all under a fiver and I am sure it will mean just as much as a lavish gift because it will be from the heart.

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