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Finding out you are expecting a baby can be the best time of a couples life together. All the changes to her body and the excitement of hearing the heartbeat for the first time, feeling the first kick and more can be overwhelming too.

For new dads and dads-to-be, it can be a difficult time. In one respect they are just as excited but in others, they may feel a little helpless. Here is a perfect gift you could buy for a dad-to-be, You’re going to be a Dad! from Daddilife books.

Why this dad book is the perfect gift

A new dad or dad-to-be can be a bit difficult to buy a gift for. Whilst, of course, you could buy him toiletries or chocolates like you might buy the new mum they just are not the same.

A dad or dad-to-be can feel left out, or you can feel it is hard to buy for them. Especially if it is your brother having their first baby and you want to buy something specifically for them as well as for the new baby.

this book is really perfect for that and I must say I absolutely love it. When I was asked to review it I was unsure how good it would be and expected quite a thin book but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It is really comprehensive and around the thickness of a novel!

The book contains a checklist for every week of what is happening and what to expect in this week so you never need to wonder if it is normal to have another doctors appointment!

What information is in the book?

This is a bit different to other books, in my opinion, it covers pregnancy until the end of the first year of a baby’s life. It is written from a dad’s perspective and shares everything you should expect from when the scans will be to when the baby has a face developing.

The book has so much information in it really is a go-to guide for dads in my opinion. Here are some of my favourite elements of the book – there is much more than this but these are my favourites!

Health for pregnant women

The book shares things like which vitamins and minerals pregnant women need, foods they should avoid and foods they may need extra. This is a great way of including dad-to-be in pregnancy and sharing everything they, as a couple, should try and do for the healthiest possible pregnancy.

Signs of problems and reassurance

All parents-to-be are worried about possible problems such as miscarriage. This book is great at approaching these subjects sharing how these worries are normal and the signs to watch out for the be aware of these concerns.

Throughout the book, you can read how the baby is developing but also how mum may be changing, and how you could be feeling like a man. I think this is a great touch as many men struggle to find information about how they may feel about their partners changing bodies.

Personal thoughts and experiences of dads

The book has quotes and experiences from dads around the world throughout the book. This is a great way of seeing that you are not alone in these concerns, feelings and excitement and the author, as well as others, have all experienced this too.

How often should you wash the baby? Should you already have a bond with the baby? Do other dads struggle to bond in the first few weeks? All of these points are raised and discussed honestly.

Mental health for mum and dad-to-be

This is most definitely one of my favourite parts of the book. Throughout the book, there are references to how anxious both parents may be feeling which I think is great. There are also discussions about how you talk together about your relationship and intimacy as a couple during this period how to tell other people you are expecting and the pros and cons of telling them at different times.

In my opinion, one of the absolutely amazing bits of this book is that in the weeks after the birth it talks openly about spotting postnatal depression and how to know what is normal and when you need to seek help whether that is for yourself or your partner. So many books seem to gloss over this so, to me, this was a welcome addition.

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