I was approached by Make My Blinds to review some of their made to measure blinds. It couldn’t have come at a better time. A few weeks previously we had broken the kitchen blind (being a little heavy-handed with it!). We had been putting off replacing it while we looked around at different options. We also fancied one for the bathroom to match the colours we have in there.

A closeup of various coloured blind samples

Ordering from Make My Blinds online, surely that’s complicated?

I would have thought that buying your blinds online would be complicated but it really was very easy. The first step was to request fabric samples for the choices that we were considering. There is no limit to how many free samples you can order. This really does help in choosing the colour and style of the blinds in your own home. We requested about 20 samples. They arrived all as pictured below the following day! Just to give you an idea of the size of the samples they aren’t the size of a matchbox and are actually pretty good. The envelope they arrived in is shown below and is approximately A5 size.

An instructions booklet with yellow and black screwdriver

Do you have to take lots of measurements?

This was one thing I was a bit concerned about as it all sounds so technical but it really is so simple. You take 3 measurements of the width and three of the drop. Then give Make My Blinds the smallest of each for the blinds. This is because if, like us, you have tiles or something making it narrower at the bottom you need the blind to fit between that gap not just the gap further up! I guess if you have a window that isn’t a perfect rectangle this would eliminate any problems too!

Closeup of bathroom shelf with products and blue blind above

Delivery and Equipment needed to fit them yourself.

They arrive with the fixing brackets and all boxed and wrapped securely by courier. The only thing they don’t include is a drill to put them up, screwdriver and screws & plugs for your walls. This is because everyone will have walls of different construction. Instructions are included and there is a video on their website showing how to fit them.

Kitchen window with kitchen blind above

The website says they take 10 minutes to fit is that really true?

I guess it really depends what you count here. It took us 40 minutes to find the drill. We couldn’t agree or remember when we last used it and whether it was in the shed or under the stairs! Then it was 20 minutes getting together the screwdriver, screws and plugs for the walls. However it only actually took 10 minutes to fit each set of blinds. In essence if you have all the things ready and are more organised than us then 10 minutes is all it takes.

Blue bathroom blind above bathroom products

Do you have to be good at DIY to fit them?

No! If you can drill a hole safely and have the correct screws and plugs it is really easy. I supervised the fitting of both and Stuart did a fine job! I did the important task of passing the relevant items to him and holding the other end of the blind as he put it up! If between us we could do it I am sure anyone can!

Kitchen blind pulled down shutting out light

What is the quality and price like?

We are very impressed with the quality and love both roller blinds. As we were choosing ones for the bathroom and kitchen it was great that they sell waterproof blinds. If you are looking for a bedroom they have a good choice of blackout blinds too. When it comes to price I guess blinds are like curtains in that everyone has such a different idea of what is reasonable. I am happy with the prices and I am sure you will be too. The one we chose for the kitchen is called Harper Sand and for one of the exact same size as ours would cost £131.99. The Teal colour blind we chose for the bathroom is called Splash Cult and for the exact same size would cost £35.61.

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Make my blinds discount

If you wish to order some perfect fit blinds from Make my Blinds their website is very straight forward. I am sure you will easily find what you are looking for however their online chat is pretty helpful too if you are struggling. The website is www.makemyblinds.co.uk and just a little hint, you can get 5% off if you sign up to their newsletter!

I received these blinds in return for an honest review. The views and feelings above are my own.

Make My Blinds - Review

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