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Have you ever considered buying an escape room box but been unsure? I know the feeling, I loved the idea, but it seems some are essentially puzzle boxes and not nearly as good as an escape room. The Epic Escapes one I want to share with you today is very different. It is actually like a good escape room!

What is the Epic Escapes escape room box?

The Escape Room box by Epic Escapes contains 3 rooms. As well as the instructions for each room there is everything you need to turn your own room into an escape room.

Rather than the way some escape room boxes on the market have just lots of bits of paper and a timer, this kit is so much more sophisticated. It includes clues, props and padlocks which are all reusable so you can set this escape room box up time and time again for different people.

This escape room box requires a games master who sets the room up and can then either leave the participants to solve it themselves or watch how they get on supplying clues if needed.

When it is all set up each of the escapes is estimated to take around 60 minutes. Of course, this will depend on how many clues you need, how many people are working together and how experienced at escape rooms you all are.

One thing you need to remember for these rooms is that they work best when set up well following the instructions. This is definitely not something you should rush doing and my advice would be to do it the day before to be sure you have everything set up well and know what you are doing.

7 reasons you should buy an escape room box

I am a real fan of this escape room box so here are 7 reasons I think you should try an escape room box from Epic Escapes!

  • For £99 you get three room setups which can be used for groups of up to 6 people each and an unlimited number of times. As such it is so much cheaper than going to an escape room!
  • With an escape room box, you can do the rooms at home and do not need to sort out childcare or accommodation if you do not live near a venue!
  • Escape rooms are so much more fun than board games!
  • There is no age limit, all the family can join in, and you can ensure it is accessible for anyone with disabilities.
  • If you struggle with claustrophobia you will find this much easier as it is in your own home and you are not in an unknown place feeling locked in.
  • There is no limit to the food or drink you can enjoy whilst completing the escape rooms.
  • It is a perfect gift for a whole family if you want to buy something better than wine or chocolates but are not sure of their interests.

Escape rooms on a budget

An escape room box such as this one from Epic Escapes is a lot cheaper than visiting an escape room. It contains all you need to set up three escape rooms so it works out at £33 each, less than the cost for one person to do a number of in-person options I have seen advertised!

Not only that, but Epic Escapes also have some lower-cost options available in the form of printable escape rooms. These are a bargain at less than £15.

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