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A lot of things continuously spring up and create hype, stay for a while and then fade into the background as if they never existed. While indoor plants are always loved for the fresh perspective they provide in every setting.

Just like any other Instagram trend, almost all of the posts you see in your social media scroll are some beautiful interiors with those leafy vines, hanging plants, spunky succulents, and trees that brighten up every corner of a room. Ever wonder why?

This obsession has a lot to do with how these green friends help improve our physical and mental health in ways we don’t realize.

Plants – especially when they are indoors and close to you – absorb carbon dioxide and keep your oxygen flowing. They are natural antitoxins and make sure the air surrounding you is pure.

They are the reason why a room filled with plants suddenly helps you breathe better, makes your focus as sharp as ever, makes you feel less stressed out, and is just generally happy.

These incredible benefits continue to exist long before this era’s craze of plant opulent spaces took over. Mental health specialists often talk about how it’s essential to have these around your working space or home and help people utilize these gifts of nature to improve their everyday lives. 

Indoor plants as ultimate stress relievers

Some recent studies suggest that plants in your home or office can make you feel more comfortable, soothed, and natural. Something as small as just repotting your plants or just wiping dust off of them can result in much-needed soothing effects.

This type of active interaction with indoor plants (backed by science) can also reduce physiological and psychological stress

According to the researchers, while also beautiful to look at, these plants provide a positive, remedial distraction from your draining routine tasks.

Nature can suffice as an antidote for over-stimulation or attention fatigue, as we can call it. Moreover, they enhance cognitive performance.

Researchers wrote that developing a mild attachment to your plants is an added, though minimal but,  meaningful emotional involvement that is bound to multiply the benefits.

Plants to make you attentive

It might come as a shock to you that some plants can hone your memory and put your attention skills to work.

Peppermint, rosemary, and blueberries are some examples a lot of people especially use to aid in sharpening your attention.

We know peppermint for improving memory simply by smelling it, whereas rosemary is best used if integrated as a seasoning in a number of dishes.

Rosemary has long been used to enhance brain power, but experts have reportedly studied it to strengthen long-term memory and alertness.

On the other hand, blueberries as indoor plants are gaining attention after some studies suggested they have the ability to enhance our decision-making while also improving memory and reasoning.

The therapy that is your plant itself

You got that right! The more you interact with indoor plants, the more you push yourself towards a healthier mental state.

Horticultural therapy, which basically includes growing and caring for plants, continues to be an integral and effective therapy to guide an individual’s formal recovery.

This therapy increases feelings of personal well-being in people experiencing depression, dementia, anxiety, etc., which is why some professionals are now ‘prescribing’ potted plants for such conditions.

Indoor plants that help you recover from your injuries and more

Looking at plants and flowers may help you recover faster from an illness, injury, or surgery.

A 2002 research study found that people recovering from various types of surgery required less pain medication and stayed in the hospital for shorter periods than those who were not exposed to greenery during their recovery periods. This is another aspect where horticulture therapy comes into play.

Productivity juice – that’s what plants are

You may have placed that plant on your table as an ornament, but did you know that it is actually enhancing your productivity as well? Yes, a cactus might be the best desk-mate you ever have.

It doesn’t talk, is way less demanding than a human desk-mate, and helps you work better! 

Productivity aside, a piece of nature near you as you work will also keep you in a good mood and in high spirits for the rest of your day. Very convenient, I know.

Bottom line

Reading through all of the benefits that mere house plants provide you can seem a little far-fetched. But the research-backed results prove that these advantageous effects are integral for an enhanced lifestyle; not to forget all the health benefits these indoor plants provide you.

So, encourage yourself to use these Godsends to inspire your creativity even more and allow yourself to make you, your family, and your colleagues feel incredible too.

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