Do you spend a lot of time taking selfies? There are so many people taking them every day who could look so much better with the right equipment. I am not saying you need a posh camera or a different mobile phone, just a Selfie Bag full of things to help!

selfie bag contents

What is the Selfie Bag?

The Selfie bag is a fun and stylish jute bag designed to be useful as well as contain all the items you need to take the perfect selfie.

The bag has been designed with influencers and bloggers in mind along with anyone who just loves to take selfies so don’t feel that you need to be a blogger for this, you really don’t.

It is made by the same brand as the Foodie bag I reviewed previously. Great quality and good value.

reflector and selfie stick

What does the Selfie bag include?

The Selfie Bag includes of course a lovely zipped reusable bag which has a useful pocket for valuables too so perfect for going out and about to take those selfies anywhere.

There is also a pop up reflector included with a small bag it folds into for storage. A reflector is great for getting the perfect lighting for selfies and can also be used for things like food photos to ensure there are no shadows and great lighting.

If you want to take selfies you really do need a selfie stick or a tripod. The Selfie Bag includes both, in one. The selfie stick is easy to hold and connects by Bluetooth to your phone. The handle area then can be opened up to form a tripod. This is great because you do not have to carry a tripod and a selfie stick, this does both!

Have you seen the big ring lights many people use to take photos? This Selfie bag includes a smaller version that can easily be clipped onto your phone. Handy to put in your bag and get out whenever you need great lighting. The ring light can be adjusted to one of three light settings depending on your environment so you can play around to get the light just right.

selfie bag contents

Where can I buy the bag?

If seeing this amazing bag has made you want to buy one for yourself then it is really easy to order. The price includes VAT and postage & packaging so it is easy to see what you are paying.

The Selfie bag is £27.95 and can even be dispatched the same day for you so you will have amazing photos in no time!

While you are there why not check their other jute bags too!

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