A guest post with the more useful baby gift ideas from Rhian from Bibevie an amazing baby clothing store with the most stunning baby clothes with bibs that match!

You have a baby shower coming up. You’re trying to think of the perfect gift – something useful, maybe something a bit different, definitely something that they’ll love and above all – something that someone else hasn’t bought! The choice is endless… where do you start?

We’ve put together a list of presents that new parents or parents-to-be truly want, and will use (trust us!) Wherever possible we’ve tried to make these as small-business focused, and eco-friendly as we can.

Must-haves for parents-to-be:

Water bottle you can open with one hand

My number one tip for new parents is to buy them a water bottle they can open with one hand. When you’re feeding – bottle or breast – unless you’re some kind of ninja, you have to do EVERYTHING one-handed.

When I was feeding my daughter, I had this amazing leakproof, screw-top bottle to keep my water cold. I thought it would be perfect… until I actually had to use it, where I sat and looked at it longingly whilst feeding for 45 minutes. Nightmare.

Buy one that opens with one hand! I have been using this one from Amazon and have had it for 2 years now. I do try my best to shop local and avoid Amazon but sometimes needs must…

Similarly, a thermos you can open with one hand is another great present, if you’re buying for a hot drinks fan! I don’t drink hot drinks so I can’t recommend one myself – but there are loads available online. This is definitely one of the most useful baby gift ideas.

Snack delivery box

The calories you go through as a new parent are astronomical! What with having limited sleep, being constantly on the go, and even more so if you’re breastfeeding too – what you really, REALLY want is something you can grab quickly, gives you an energy boost and tastes delicious.

If you’re a baker, then homemade will always be appreciated, but if you’re anything like me in the kitchen, or if you’re not local, these two businesses do some amazing goodie boxes to send in the post!

Little Squirrel Cookies – vegan cakes and goodies – order via their Instagram account

Sugar Rose Kitchen – the most delicious letterbox brownies – and they’re huge!

Not the most useful baby gift ideas but definitely the most appreciated.

Food delivery vouchers

After a busy day of parenting, the last thing you want is to cook. Deliveroo voucher? Yes, please!

Eye mask

I loved having an eye mask when my daughter was sleeping in our room. We kept a small light on so it wasn’t pitch black but I wasn’t used to it at all; my sleep was really disturbed until I got an eye mask. Unfortunately, mine is a freebie from an airline, but this one from Anthropologie comes highly recommended – it’s going on my wishlist!

Cleaning voucher

This is one of those indulgent presents that I think everyone would be grateful for, a new baby or not! Who doesn’t want a nice clean house?

And let’s face it, when you’re juggling new parenthood, less sleep than you’re used to, maybe a few aches and pains that weren’t there before, house cleaning can often fall right to the bottom of that priority list.

Have a look for a local cleaner that will do a one-off spring clean – I guarantee your loved one will be delighted! A very useful baby gift idea for any new parent!

Little notebook for noting down small memories

This will depend on your friend’s personality but I’ve had a lot of success gifting this: a small notebook so that if they have a spare 2 minutes whilst the baby is napping, they can note down any small observations, memories, milestones.

Time flies and you can easily forget the cute little things your baby does, so to have them written down to look back on is just lovely. But absolutely key here is to avoid any pressure.

Parents are busy busy people. Some will love this idea, but others will feel as though it’s another task they have to complete. Avoid anything with dates! I love this one from Paperchase because it’s small, beautiful and well-protected, so it’ll last – but anything goes!

Breakfast grazing box

Indulgent, calorific, and feels like such a treat – this would be an ideal gift for new parents. There are so many amazing local breakfast box deliveries popping up now – try googling “grazing breakfast box near me” to find some local recommendations.


I’m pretty sure this one doesn’t need any kind of explanation! I love Forest Edge Roasting for their coffee, which is both delicious and ethically and sustainably sourced and packaged.

Beautiful finds for new babies:

Baby clothes with matching bibs from Bibevie

Ask any parent – babies are messy. They sick up milk, they dribble… Dribble bibs are a must-have for most babies, but why can’t they also look great? Enter Bibevie, with their range of baby outfits with matching bibs.

These are perfect for new babies – they’re so soft, the bib stays in place so any reflux or sicky issues are quickly and easily dealt with, without the drama of a whole outfit change – just swap out the bib.

Game-changer! On top of that, they’re ethically and sustainably made, by a mum-owned business and they can be gift wrapped and sent directly to your recipient. This is definitely one of the most perfect useful baby gift ideas as it is cute for babies but handy for parents too!

Baby sensory toys

If you’re looking for toys, I highly recommend KiddieKin. They have so many sensory toys which are perfect for babies – you can choose a few bits to create your own sensory box, or I love their water mat – ideal for tummy time!

Personalised dressing gown

This personalised dressing gown from Not On The High Street is so cute. I tend to buy it a size up, and it lasts for ages. Little babies in a snuggly soft dressing gown – is there anything cuter?

Star fleece wrap

I bought this for a friend recently and it went down so well! It’s super soft, and because of the star shape, it keeps babies warm in their prams without having to try and force little arms and legs into massive padded snowsuits.

Baby keepsake

An easy to do yourself, professional-looking keepsake set? Yes, please! Now those squishy baby feet can be immortalised in a gorgeous animal design from Keepsakes by Rebecca. Love it!

Anything else to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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