When I saw the Engenius perpetual motion marble run on the Cheatwell games stand at an event I loved it. Obviously then when I was offered it in return for an honest review I knew Ben and Stuart would love it too. I jumped at the chance.

assembled marble run made from plywood showing it working with motor and on a wooden table.

What is the Engenius! Perpetual motion marble run?

If you enjoy building and want to make something a bit different then this is the perfect item for you. Whilst It says age 10+ there really is no reason it could not be for an adult as it is great fun to build. The finished item is so mesmerising and relaxing especially after a stressful day.

The marble run is operated by two AA-size batteries (not supplied) but otherwise includes all you need including the motor. The finished item is around 40cm wide, 20cm deep and 20cm high. It only needs to be built once because once assembled it wouldn’t easily come apart.

sheet of plywood with lazer cut shapes some of which have been removed to build the marble run.

How easy is it to build?

The Engenius Perpetual Motion marble run comes in a cardboard box with a number of sheets of plywood with all the pieces laser cut. The box is a similar size to that of most board games.

The instructions are relatively clear but at some points, we did struggle as it is hard to tell in some of the pictures exactly what you should be doing. What I will say though is that if you feel you have to really force something then check the instructions as you may be doing it wrong. The wood is delicate and forcing it where it shouldn’t be will lead to breakages.

The instructions state it is suitable for 10+ or a little younger with adult support. Unless you have a very patient child I think an adult will be needed to assemble this. I can assure you though the adult will enjoy it just as much as the child.

Two people doing a diagram

Where can I buy the Engenius! Perpetual Motion Marble Run?

The kit is available directly from Cheatwell games however if like me you are a regular user on Amazon don’t worry you can find it there too. On Amazon, it is currently on offer at £27.43 instead of the RRP of £29.99.

What did we think?

We all really love the marble run and building it was great fun. It took longer than the box suggested and was very tricky and delicate but we got there in the end! We would definitely recommend it to others who enjoy this kind of activity and the finished product.

The Engenius Perpetual motion marble run won Best Children’s gift at the Gift of the year awards 2019 by The Giftware Association. It is an amazing gift so I can see why it won! Check out the awards and all the other amazing winners.

Video of it in action

I did you a short video of it in action so you can see how amazing it is!

Pinterest pin of a marble run stem activity

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  1. I would gift it to my twin boys, they would love building this with their dad thank you x

  2. This would make a great gift for my godchildren, but I would enjoy building it with them and then testing it out.

  3. I would keep it as I know it would really appeal to one of my grandchildren (and his Grandad!) It would be a great wet day activity in the summer holidays

  4. I’d give it to my husband – he would love assembling this, it would make a great “christmas toy” for him (I always buy him one adultish toy for one of his gifts). It would keep him occupied for a while anyway 😀

  5. I would give this to my four kids, they’d totally love this – the older ones building it and all of them setting marbles off!

  6. I would definitely give this to my niece and nephew. They love marble runs and this one is awesome.

  7. My son loves marble runs, and his dad loves building models so this would be a lovely prize for them and something they’d really enjoy doing together. Many thanks!