When I was asked to review the Masha electric potato masher in return for the device to try out I jumped at the chance. I had looked at the Masha previously but felt I couldn’t justify the price. The reality is a hand potato masher is less than a fiver! I worried that it would be money wasted. As a sceptic I tested the Masha out and here is what I found.

Mashabox device in packaging on marble background

What is the Masha?

The Masha is an electric potato masher, not dissimilar to a hand blender in design. Whilst it is designed for making mashed potato it can be used for pureeing baby food or other things too.

The Masha is a handheld device with a simple on/off switch and currently comes with two blade attachments, the aerator blade or the standard Masha attachment.

The device plugs into a standard UK household socket.

Mashabox device next to packaging on marble background

How did I get on with the Masha?

I absolutely hate mashing potatoes but love mash and packet mash just is not the same is it? Whilst I have never tried using a hand blender like the one I have gets food easily stuck around the blades and as such wouldn’t work well.

I love the way this has holes around the end so the mash just slides out hassle-free. My initial thoughts were that the blade did not look strong enough for mashing potatoes but I was pleasantly surprised.

The Masha was easy to use and made the perfect mashed potato for my homity pie. It was extremely easy to clean and made making mashed potato effortless.

Closeup of the Mashablade

Would I recommend it?

I absolutely would recommend the Masha and despite it being around £37.95 currently on Amazon I felt it was great value for money.

I am not a fan of physically mashing my own potatoes and despite potatoes being so cheap I often opt for packet mash for ease or have boiled or jacket potatoes. The money this would save on packet mash is immense and the mash it makes is delicious.

If you are undecided then do consider trying it out as they have a 90-day no questions asked guarantee. If you decide it isn’t for you then you can get your money back.

Masha mashing potato

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  1. It has to be chips. They go with absolutely anything or on their own. They truly are the king of potatoes! lol

  2. I love mash potato but im a bit of a joke at it , mine are always lumpy – my dad makes fab mash but never picked up his skill.

  3. Roast potatoes lovely and crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside with some nice gravy so yummy. xx

  4. chips! i cant eat enough chips! crinkle cut chhnky super thin and sliced i just love chips especially if they are crunchy

  5. I do love mashed potatoes with loads of gravy. This causes all sorts of arguments in our house as hubby also loves mash, but can’t stand gravy on it. I sometimes forget when I’m dishing it up and then have to try to disguise the gravy on his!

  6. I love a good baked potato, especially the skin. However, how can you beat chips. They are just too delicious.

  7. Gratin Dauphinoise. Partly because it’s so blimmin delicious and partly because it brings back so many happy memories for me

  8. I love a jacket with really crispy skin and fluffy in the inside with plenty of butter!
    Mash I love smooth with butter and little cream or milk and beans and garlic….delish!

  9. I love mashed potato but I can never manage to get It really light and fluffy, I tried using a hand blender once and It went all gloopy
    I cook for 16 every sunday and no one likes boiled potatoes and I wont give them lumpy mash so I dont bother, just do roast potatoes

  10. I can’t choose a favorite as I just love potatoes cooked in any way, but if I have to choose I’d go for a traditional Swiss potato Rosti

  11. My favourite has always been mashed potatoes. It’s my comfort food, I love mashing brussel sprouts with them!

  12. I LOVE mashed potato – creamy fluffiness and perfect in the winter to have with a hearty stew! I would love to win this as I find mashing potatoes hard work! I don;t have mash as much as I would like because I hate the mashing bit! 🙁
    Thank you!

  13. I love mash as well particularly if there is some tasty gravy to go with it. Goes so well with so many dishes especially this time of year – stews, casseroles, roasts

  14. Thinly sliced then layered, potato, onion, potato and onion, season and add two oxo cubes with water and bake, lovely