I love music and so do Stuart and Ben. When we were offered these Cowin SE7 headphones to review I was impressed by the look of them. They sound amazing and we were very keen to try them out. I also got a set for a giveaway so that one of you lucky readers could win a set to try out!

SE7 red headphones and packagin on grey surface

Cowin SE7 headphones – what is special about them?

If you are a regular listener to music on your commute to work or perhaps somewhere busy you will know all about noise cancelling headphones I am sure.

With the simple click of a button, they can eliminate all outside sounds so you can concentrate on what you are listening to. Obviously, there are times you should avoid using this, such as cycling or crossing roads. That is why the easy button is perfect.

Wireless headphones are so handy. By using Bluetooth technology you don’t need to have the wire to your phone or music player making them so much easier to manage. I love wireless headphones for when I am cleaning the house or even working on the computer. It means if I need to get up and do anything there is no wire to get in the way.

Red se7 folded headphones and case on grey surface

How did we find the headphones?

The Cowin SE7 headphones were really easy to set up. They connected to an iPhone really easily and the signal was perfect.

The sound achieved by the headphones was amazing and the noise cancelling worked well. In fact probably too well as when Stuart was singing he couldn’t hear me at all when I was telling him he was getting very loud and Ben was asleep!

Red SE7 headphones and packaging on grey surface

How much are the SE7 headphones?

The RRP of the Cowin SE7 headphones is £99.99 in black and £109.99 in red. There is currently a voucher you can click to add on Amazon though to get £10 off each! If you are like me and always keen to get something asap they are on Amazon Prime too and available for click-and-collect from an Amazon locker!

Cowin se7 headphones in packaging on grey surface

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  1. Love Train by the O Jay’s because it was the first song I ever realised had an underlying message other than just a love song between two people. I think this was the song that first made me aware of the world around me

  2. Cotton Eye Joe, by Rednex – a wonderful piece of escapism that encouraged you to live life to the full without a care in the world – a message that really embraces the magic of childhood 🙂

  3. Catch a Falling Star by Perry Como, my dad always sang the opening lines as he came into the house. It reminds me of him and happy childhood.

  4. I remember most my big brother buying me a portable radio way back when so i could listen to the latest records in my room. The song that sticks out most was Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum.

  5. I’m In The Mood For Dancing by The Nolans. My parents used to play it full blast on a Sunday morning – probably just to get us out of bed!

  6. Spice girls – Wannabe it just reminds me of primary school and playing spice girls and deciding which person we wanted to be. I was always scary spice!

  7. It has to be Don’t stand so close to me by the Police. We used to go to Portugal every summer, and my brother and I would always go to the cinema many times during the time we were there. That cinema only had one screen, and they used to play that song on a loop before the film started. They did so for over 10 years. It is stuck in my mind.

  8. Happy Birthday by Cyndi Lauper, my folks bought me a cassette tape with it on for my birthday when I was about 7 years old

  9. Adam & the Ants Prince Charming as i remember being at the school disco and everyone just walking up and down doing the same move that the group did in the video.
    Still makes me laugh when I think about it.

  10. John Denver – Annie’s Song. I was adopted when I was younger and my adopted mum sent me a Valentine card and wrote some of the words to this song in it. It was a really lovely thing to do. x

  11. The 90’s was my era and it was always The Spice Girls my sister and I would be singing along to. Wannabe was my favourite!

  12. Yes sir I can Boogie by Baccara
    It was on a holiday whilst In Spain, it wasn’t In the charts over here until a while later, I knew all the words by then as they played It so often on Holiday

  13. I loved Like a Virgin by Madonna (had no idea what it meant!). I used to practise the dance in front of the mirror with my hairbrush!

  14. Apron strings by everything but the girl because my earliest memory is of my mum holding me and dancing round the living room singing it to me

  15. They look great!
    Just thought you should know that the amazon link on the gleam has gone missing- shows page not found error. 🙂

  16. Billy Don’t be a Hero by Paperlace, I was only young when it was played on the radio but it made me cry every time I heard it.

  17. Bachman Turner Overdrive – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. I remember hearing it nearly every car journey i took with my dad.

  18. Meatloaf and Blondie were my Dads favourite so everytime they come on it throws me back and makes me smile

  19. Popcorn by Hot Butter, the first single I bought, I remember listening to it in the little booth before I bought it.

  20. “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley & His Comets My Mam was always singing along to Happy memories

  21. Although it was my teens, True by Spandau Ballet is the song I most remember. I had a weird childhood as I grew up in pubs & clubs that my parents ran, so there were a lot of bands that played there & songs on the Jukebox but this is the only one I really recall. I still know all the words!

  22. Kung fu fighting as I joined Karate from age 11 and it always reminds me of the great times I had for the following 7/8 yrs that I did at this club

  23. “Row, row, row your boat” – because my mother and sister used to join in doing the rowing actions.

  24. Saturday Night At The Movies by The Drifters … the first single I ever bought, and I still know all the lyrics! x

  25. Saturday Night At The Movies by The Drifters … the first single I ever bought and I still know all the words! x

  26. Save All Your Kisses For Me because that was the first song I can remember that I liked growing up and used to dance to it whenever it was on

  27. amazing!! These would be great for running on the treadmill. I could listen to my fave podcasts, audiobooks and music without disturbance!

  28. Greensleeves because that was the only record we had growing up until I could afford to buy my own

  29. Kylie’s I should be so lucky – I loved watching Kylie in neighbours and I absolutely loved this song!

  30. Sugar Sugar by The Archies 1969, my very first single that I received as a Christmas gift with my new record player