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Are you desperate to give your home some TLC this year but struggling with where to start or just how to afford it? We’ve all been there, daydreaming about all the ways we’d spruce up our home but stuck with minimal funds. 

The good news is that giving your home a new look doesn’t need to be expensive, or time-consuming. These 6 super simple ideas will show you exactly how to update your home this season without needing to remortgage your house. 

Paint An Accent Wall 

Yep, we know, not the most unique idea but painting an accent wall can do wonders when it comes to refreshing a room. Repainting a whole room can be surprisingly expensive so choosing one wall is a great way of giving your space a new look without spending a fortune. 

To keep costs even lower consider stencilling an accent wall. Stencils are an ideal alternative to wallpaper and are often much cheaper. Etsy has some amazing choices and if your wall isn’t too large a tester pot of wall paint might be all you need. 

Create A Gallery Wall 

A simple gallery wall adds instant style to a room in minimal time. Cheaper frames can look just as good as the expensive types so shop around to find ones that fit your budget. There is no need to spend ages playing around with compositions, simply use sites such as Pinterest to find a layout you love and copy it. Fill your frames with your favourite family pictures or head to a site such as Desenio for some stylish prints.

Reorganise And Say Goodbye To Clutter 

Reorganising and decluttering is not the most fun but stripping your home of unnecessary clutter can be magical for its overall aesthetic and doesn’t cost a thing. 

The impact of decluttering is often overlooked when it comes to redecorating the home but reducing visual clutter will allow you to see what actually needs some TLC in your home. You may be surprised how good your coffee table looks when it is free of all those coffee mugs and magazines

Replace Tired-looking Soft Furnishings 

Switching out cushion covers and curtains can completely change the appearance of your living room and doesn’t cost a fortune. For the best cushion combination choose one or two cushions in a block colour and one cushion in a pattern. If your cushion inserts are looking a bit flat don’t skip buying new, plump inserts as this will really up the luxe factor.

Rethink The Styling Of Your Bed 

The bed is most commonly the focal point in any bedroom so refreshing it is the easiest way of making a big impact in this room. If your bed linen is looking a little tired it might be time to replace it.

For a hotel bed aesthetic opt for super soft white Egyptian cotton; after that first dreamy night’s sleep, you won’t regret it. Once your base layer is sorted you can begin to layer your bed. Opt for a few decorative cushions and a bedspread for a simple yet cosy new look.

Refreshing your bed’s styling and a little bedroom reorganisation can make a huge difference to your bedroom’s overall appearance and can truly revive your space.

Add Some New Rugs 

New rugs can be transformative for room decor and can add a cosy, homely feel to the coldest of spaces. Placing a new rug in your living room, bedroom or dining room can be a great way of injecting colour or pattern into your home.

For maximum impact opt for larger rugs that utilise all of the floor space and for a playful, unique look try layering rugs on top of each other.

Head to Home With Emma for more easy, budget-friendly ways to refresh and update your home.

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