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I have a guest post here sharing how to make blogging your career, I have talked about it previously but touched on different elements. That post is popular so I knew you would love this one too.

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Do you blog as a hobby? Maybe you document your travels, your love of fashion and trends, report on issues in your industry, or share your latest money-saving tips with the world.

Blogging can be a great hobby but did you know it can also be a job, too? While the majority of blogs are personal platforms, it is estimated that up to 39% of bloggers now do it for the extra money you can earn from it. Don’t be afraid too to hire a writer to help you out when things get busy!

So how do you go from a hobby blogger to blogging for money? Here are some key points you’ll need to know to turn your hobby into a job and diversify your income.

Know your blog inside out

What is your niche and visitor demographic? Are you focusing on runners, foodies or parents? Whoever it is make sure you aim everything at them!

What strategies have you used to get your blog noticed and what worked best?

Keeping a record of your successes as a blogger will help you identify what you can bring to the table – what is your USP?

What do you offer that other bloggers don’t?

By knowing these things you can make blogging your career.

Get noticed to make blogging your career

Blogging isn’t just about writing good content, it’s also about getting other people to read your articles. Without people coming to read your content, you aren’t going to get anywhere!

Standing out in the blogosphere takes effort, so focus on getting your blog out there above the many, many others. 

Network with other bloggers, participate in social networks and attend industry or blogger events. Even if your blog is in a small niche, if you’re getting noticed, you’re doing something right, and that’s how you’re going to make it successful. 


In addition to writing regular content for your blog, you might also think about trying to establish your outside credibility by contributing to other blogs and publications as well. This will not only enhance your writing skills, but it’ll also get your name out into the blogosphere and help you make new contacts.

Many bloggers will take guest post article spots on other blogs, so start with what you’re an expert in and branch out. Ask if any of your blogger friends need a guest post writing for them.

Diversify your skills to make blogging your career

The best blogs have more than just words, they will often include high-quality visuals, creative video clips or have an appealing layout. So have a think about the other skills you can bring to the table aside from writing.

Perhaps you are a keen photographer or have awesome design skills. If you don’t have any yet, that’s OK. Pick one you are interested in learning more about and use your own blog to develop it.

Remember this is your business so take everything seriously and give every little thing you do plenty of thought. Starting a business isn’t always easy but it will be worth it.

Try taking your own photos instead of using licensed images, or try your hand at creating a header or logo for your own blog. You could even look into Photoshoot Location Hire if you want to take some next-level photos for your blog.

Developing skills from HTML coding to graphic design or video production can give you a big boost over other bloggers. Alternatively looking for a web design company in your area might be a good alternative if you really don’t like the idea of the tech stuff!

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