Vitamin deficiency in kids isn’t a good thing – especially because we all know how essential those are to help them grow properly.

Vitamins get them started on being healthy from an early age and thus it’s necessary that kids get enough of those during their growing years.

Be sure to give them healthy but fun meals when you can to keep them healthy. Something like a rainbow veggie slice is a perfect healthy fun choice.

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Though you might think your child has all the nutrients he/she needs, they might lack some important ones. In this article, we will list down some signs of vitamin deficiency in kids that might help you out a little bit.

Once you spot these signs earlier, you can easily do something to improve vitamin levels. 

Kids feeling tired and lack attention

Being cognitive is a skill that kids definitely need to survive in this confusing world. Lack of iron can cause kids to be less cognitive and struggle with understanding the simplest things. This might cause them to be behind compared to other kids their age. 

Fatigue is one of the most common signs of vitamin deficiency in kids. A lack of iron can make it harder for their muscles to utilize oxygen.

Thus they find it difficult to think correctly and make conscious decisions. This could later affect them when they grow up and have to make their own decisions. 

Kids not growing properly and bone pain

Even if your child looks physically healthy, he/she can still lack Vitamin D. One of the easy-to-see signs of D vitamin deficiency in kids is impaired growth. Vitamin D is needed to make sure calcium is properly absorbed. 

Bone pain can also be caused by the lack of this vitamin deficiency in kids. A healthy immune system and proper growth are indications that your body is getting as much vitamin D as it needs. If you see a difference in your child’s growth, you might have to blame vitamin deficiency for that. 

Lack of appetite

Kids not wanting to eat might be a regular occurrence in your house, but it can also be a big sign of vitamin deficiency in kids. Zinc definitely is one of the most common causes of your child’s lack of appetite. 

If your child has been eating less than he/she used to before, there’s a strong possibility of vitamin deficiency. Zinc deficiency can also cause loss of hair, late healing of small wounds, etc. There are long-term effects of not eating properly like not having enough energy, not getting the strength that they need, etc. 

How can you tell which specific vitamin your kid isn’t getting enough of?

Common signs of Vitamin B deficiency

As you might already know, there are many different types of this vitamin. B vitamin deficiency in kids can cause different issues based on the type of vitamin B they lack. 

Vitamin B7 deficiency might cause kids to have brittle nails or hair. Lack of B3 on the other hand might cause fatigue or hair loss. B7 deficiency also sometimes causes skin rash or infections. B12 might also cause symptoms like anorexia, delay in development, weakness, etc in kids. 

Common signs of Vitamin C deficiency

Considered one of the most essential vitamins by a lot of people, C vitamin deficiency in kids can also cause some major as well as minor issues in small kids. Kids who don’t eat fruits and vegetables regularly seem to lack this vitamin especially. 

Bleeding gums might seem like a common thing, but it can also be a sign of vitamin deficiency in kids. Scurvy is considered one of the major signs of vitamin C deficiency in kids.

Scurvy results in kids having a weak immune system, bleeding quickly, and having weak muscles. Less Vitamin C in your child’s body might cause issues like swollen gums, dry hair, etc as well. 

Common signs of Vitamin A deficiency

This is another vitamin that people don’t think might affect their child as severely. One of the known signs of vitamin A deficiency in kids is vision difficulties. Other than night blindness, there are other common signs of this deficiency as well. 

If your child lately has been complaining a lot about not being able to see in low light, there’s a big chance that they have vitamin A deficiency.

Kids who don’t eat leafy vegetables, dairy products, etc seem to struggle with this type of vitamin deficiency. Chest infections, Bitot’ spots, etc are some other issues that this deficiency might cause. 

Common signs of Vitamin D deficiency

We have already talked a little bit about signs of D vitamin deficiency in kids. Bone diseases generally indicate the lack of this vitamin in kids. One reason for this deficiency might be that your kid doesn’t spend a lot of time outside. 

Your child needs strong bones to be able to be active and not suffer from constant muscle cramps. Vitamin D deficiency also makes it easier for your child’s bones to be fractured.

Other signs can be liver diseases, inflammatory conditions, etc. Other than bone growth issues, dental issues can also be signs of D vitamin deficiency in kids. 

Common signs of Vitamin E deficiency

It’s kind of rare to find children who experience issues due to vitamin deficiency, but children who are malnourished often struggle with this. Not eating foods like spinach, almonds, etc can provide vitamin E to your child. 

This vitamin deficiency in kids is considered severe as it can cause many dangerous effects. Having weak muscles that make it impossible for kids to walk, vision issues from an early age, constant shaking, etc are some severe effects of vitamin E deficiency in kids.

Poor nerve conditions, numbness, etc are other noticed signs of vitamin E deficiency. 


The early years of any child’s life are crucial – those are the days when they truly grow both physically and mentally. Vitamin deficiency in kids can affect their growth in a ton of different ways that you don’t want as a parent for sure.

Meal planning to ensure all you feel your kids can help ensure you give them a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

In this article, I have listed some common signs of vitamin deficiency in kids. Along with that, we have gone into detail and added signs that allow you to understand exactly which vitamin your child isn’t getting enough. 

I hope that this article enables you to instantly recognise these early signs of vitamin deficiency in kids and get appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

Use this article as your go-to guide when you want to know something more about the signs of vitamin deficiency in kids!

Making sure kids have plenty of time outside should help a lot too with natural vitamin D. Outdoorsy Days has a lot of great ideas to get kids outside.

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