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Fitness has never been more popular, with many eager to get that body ripped. Many want to look like the shredded models on social media! You might even add supplements to a regular workout routine to get that dream body.

While these supplements may help you reach your aesthetic and fitness goals, some can have side effects like causing hair loss. There is a science behind that. You are using these supplements to increase muscle mass growth, which can also increase testosterone levels in the body.

This can, in turn, cause an increase in DHT hormone. These high levels of androgens in the body tend to shrink hair follicles leading to thinner and brittle hair growing out.

They also cause hair to fall out faster while making it longer for the follicles to grow new hair. You may be wondering about how to get the perfect body while maintaining your head of hair. Here’s how to avoid hair loss from workout supplements:

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Go slow on the weights

Most men want to lift the heaviest weights in the gym. Interestingly, what activity you partake in at the gym can potentially impact your hair loss. Cardio and aerobic exercises tend to reduce the levels of DHT hormones in the bloodstream.

On the other hand, excessive exercise and weight lifting could lead to increased testosterone hormone and consequently DHT. An increase in these hormones will lead to hair loss.

If you have concerns about losing your hair, you should be mindful of how much lifting you are doing and also incorporate aerobic and cardio exercises in your routine. 

Use natural sources of protein

For people who are genetically predisposed to balding, it is best to cut down on protein shakes. Most of these protein shakes have growth hormones and factors that could exacerbate hair loss.

Try to use natural sources of protein like eggs, fish, or chicken. Using natural protein sources and maintaining a balanced diet will help promote hair health and avoid unwanted hair loss.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Understandably, hair loss can take a toll on someone’s self-esteem and confidence. If you notice that you are experiencing hair loss from taking workout supplements, it is not the end-all.

There are various ways to manage hair loss effectively, such as scalp micro-pigmentation. Now, micropigmentation is a non-surgical treatment for hair loss. The process involves applying natural pigments within the dermal layer of the scalp. There are also surgical options available that produce fantastic results. If you are searching for a hair transplant UK, the team at Enhance Hair Restoration are equipped to deliver some of the best results on the market.

The resulting look is that of a naturally shaved head. This procedure is quite a lifesaver for people experiencing hair loss from alopecia or due to workout supplements

Take some vitamins

Vitamins are essential in maintaining overall wellbeing. They are excellent for healthy hair. Vitamin A ensures healthy sebum production in the scalp.

Vitamin E encourages blood circulation to the scalp that makes sure the hair follicles in the scalp stay productive.

Vitamin B is great for maintaining healthy hair colour. As with any other supplements, it is crucial to not over- supplement with these vitamins. It is best to follow the guidance of a professional with them.   

Scalp massage

Another way to counter hair loss is by massaging the scalp with essential oils like lavender, almond, or sesame oils. You can do this for a couple of minutes each day. The massage will keep your hair follicles active. 

Final Remarks

If you are experiencing unexpected hair loss, it could be the workout supplements you are using. Don’t work out to attain your fitness goals only to be pegged back by hair loss issues. It helps if you know more about the supplements you want to use. You can also talk to a qualified specialist to help with hair loss treatment.

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