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The two main elements of losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight are diet and exercise. Of course, other things, such as how much sleep you get, your stress levels, mood, and mental health, play a role, but the basics are burning off more calories than you consume. If you are not a confident cook this can be difficult.

Dieting is tough. Making lasting lifestyle changes is usually more effective than crash dieting, but even this takes commitment. Generally, the more you cook from scratch, the healthier your diet is likely to be. When we cook from scratch, we’re more aware of the ingredients that we are using, and we have greater control over the macros and calories that we eat. 

If you love to cook, creating healthy meals can be a fun challenge. It’s often harder for those of us that aren’t comfortable or a confident cook in the kitchen. But, learning to enjoy cooking, and becoming more confident in your own abilities doesn’t have to be as hard as you may expect. Here are some tips to help you. 

Create a Kitchen That You Love

A kitchen that you love to spend time in will always encourage you to cook. Spend some time looking at the best stone floor for kitchen and thinking about the decor that you’d like. Ensure that you’ve got all of the utensils you need and that everything is within easy reach. Add some personal touches, and plenty of colours to create a room that you are happy in. 

Don’t Be Scared to Make a Mess

Cooking can be messy. Cleaning as you go is often the best way to avoid carnage, but for a beginner, this can be tricky, and increase stress. So, don’t be scared to make a mess. Don’t try so hard to be tidy that you are too careful, and unwilling to try new things. Remember, you can always tidy up later. 

Cook More Often

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One of the best ways to become more confident in the kitchen is to practice. Start cooking more often, and it will quickly become a habit. Even when you don’t feel like it, cook something simple instead of buying a ready meal, or prepare a side or salad to go with your bought-in meal. 

Experiment with Flavours 

Part of what makes cooking a joy is experimentation. The best way to learn which flavours work well together is to try it out. Take risks, try combinations you wouldn’t usually, and enjoy the process, even when it doesn’t work out too well. These Mediterranean vegetables are a great place to start.

Put on Some Music

Cooking isn’t all about the food, or the kitchen. The atmosphere and your mood play a big part in how comfortable you feel. Build a cooking playlist, and let yourself have some fun. Dance around the kitchen, sing at the top of your lungs, and let cooking become an experience instead of a chore. 

Master the Basics

Experimenting and having fun might be something to aspire to. You may find it easier first to master the basics. Before trying to get creative, make sure you can cook your families favourites well and other simple dishes. Then, start adding new ingredients and flavours and start to branch out. I am very passionate about teaching your children to cook from a young age. I learnt lots when I was young and truly thank my mum for making me the quite confident cook I am today. If you hate chopping vegetables there really is no harm in using frozen ones. Frozen onions are really easy!

Gadgets can make cooking easier and even busy college students can cook if they put their mind to it!

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