I kept looking at the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure and wondering if I would actually do it! It looks like a fun way to keep fit, especially if you’re not usually into exercise. Is Ring fit adventure weight loss possible?

Here I am sharing with you a review from a fellow blogger that may help you if, like me, you have considered it but have been a little undecided.

Exercise and Nintendo

When to use the Nintendo Ring Fit

When it comes to gaming, there are so many different types of games out there, along with quite a few different consoles. We have a Nintendo Switch sitting around our house, and during the first lockdown, I wanted to find a way to get active, despite being stuck indoors.

As it turns out, the Ring Fit Adventure was a great find for home workouts and something well worth looking into. Remember the Wii Fit? Well, this is Nintendo’s latest fitness offering.

It is perfect for indoor exercise, exercise with children and a fun way to exercise in your front room!

What is the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure?

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure is a gaming device and video game that combine together to create an exercising experience. As it’s the new year, a new lockdown, and too cold to really go outside much, I wanted to talk about my experience with the Ring Fit Adventure.

It is a video game, after all, so it has a lot of video game experiences. You can dress up your character to make them stronger, play mini-games, and even fight a giant dragon creature!

This game comes with accessories that need to be used along with the game. These enhance the experience and make sure that you are exercising properly.

What do you get in the box?

A large RingFit circle comes with the game, which you must slide one of your controllers into. This circle then becomes your controller. You can control the game by pushing it in and pulling it apart.

A strap containing your other controller must be placed around your thigh during the game. This leg strap measures your steps when you are running and jogging. 

nintendo ring fit for switch

Playing Ring Fit Adventure

During your first time playing Ring Fit Adventure, you answer questions about yourself so that the game can customise the exercises for you.

There are also a couple of tutorials on the technology you will be using to get you used to the game. Each time that you start up the game after that, you are given a few prompts that make the game feel much like an exercise routine. These help you to tailor that specific experience to how much you want to work out at that time. 

From there, each experience starts with optional stretching. This can be done without the Ring Fit circle controller, as it’s not tracked like the game itself is. These stretches are also done at the end of your workout, and they do give you XP in the game.

I quite enjoy them as they really make the game feel like it’s helping your body. It’s a great cool down at the end and a ramp-up at the start to get you into the mood to work out. 

Stretching is really important with any exercise that you do as it gets your muscles warmed up before the workout and lets them know that the workout has finished. It helps to prevent injury and improve flexibility. Never skip your warm-ups and cool-downs!

In the game itself, you will be using the circle controller to move around a map in adventure mode. You’ll enter different difficulty levels to take on their challenges. Each level has you running forward, so you will need to jog on the spot.

In the levels, you can also pull at the sides of the controller to suck up coins and smoothie ingredients, and push the sides in to blast out wind, which breaks boxes. If you don’t like jogging, that’s fine.

The jogging is split up between fighting monsters, of course, so it doesn’t feel like too much. Fighting off monsters brings you into a new mode, where you will start doing different types of exercise routines for different muscle groups. So you can have fun whilst using ring fit adventure for weight loss.

What sort of exercises are on the Ring Fit?

These exercises come in different categories that are colour coded, so you can see which ones are strong against which enemies. Some target one enemy, while others will hit more than one at once.

You can’t actually do the same exercise twice in a row, so it’s always switched up, and you can customise and change around these exercises as you see fit. Some levels recommend more of one category or remind you of stronger ones that aren’t being used. 

These exercises have you using your ring while standing, sitting, squatting and more but the game still doesn’t require too much space – just an area around your television.

As you continue forward, there are also gyms where you can play mini-games in. These mini-games have you doing the same exercise over and over, completing tasks and earning coins with them. They are great for targeted exercise! 

Does the game follow a story?

Ring Fit Adventures follows a storyline about a dragon that has grown too powerful and a ring character, who looks a lot like your controller, and who needs help to defeat them!

It’s a simple story with the same people popping up in various worlds but it’s one that does keep a video game feel.

After around 20 minutes of exercise, the game will ask you if you want to take a break or continue and will progress accordingly.

It will measure your heart rate at the end of each level and, if you start to struggle on levels, it will also tell you to rest. Perfect for Ring Fit Adventure weight loss!

Exercise and Nintendo

Who should buy Nintendo Ring Fit Adventures?

Ring Fit Adventure is great for those who like video games and are looking to get a bit of exercise into their lives, but can’t go out much. It doesn’t take much space in your room, but the game is better played on a TV than on the Switch itself.

Is Ring Fit Adventures weight loss possible?

You are going to work up a sweat (if not, just adjust the difficulty) and, if you are looking to lose weight, there is an option in settings that allows you to continue through sets even after enemies are destroyed. Turning that on will really increase your workout! 

Article by Jupiter from Life with Jupiter and Dann

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