Everyone has reasons they want to exercise but it is not always easy to make to for workouts so here we can find a way you can add it to your day regularly. The exercise you do could help you lose weight, tone up or get fit, whatever your reason for wanting to exercise I know we can together help you find the time.

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Help I have no time!

People are like; I have no time to exercise; what can I do? The straightforward solution for overcoming this issue is simple, find something that doesn’t change your daily routine too much initially, then work towards adding more in if you can in the future.

It is easy to add a few workout moves during the day without having to change your life and routines much. To start working out, think about your inner motivation and make that mindset changes towards making time to burn calories daily.

However, people often have to juggle various things in their lives, and making time can be hard. There are different ways to make time for workouts when you don’t think have time.

Implementing these top 7 tips can help you make time for the workout. Simply work out how to add them into your day from tomorrow, or even today if possible!

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Want to exercise without effort?

If you want an easy way to exercise here are some easy tips to help you burn calories without really noticing you are doing it! Perfect for anyone who feels they don’t have time to exercise!


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Change your mindset

If you start with a mindset that you can do this, then you will. Just like that, plan how you can achieve your goals and make sure the changes are reasonable and achievable. There is no point in planning to run a marathon next week without training!

Try to start with that motivation towards life when you’re getting ready and starting the day; it will help later on. Exercising is the second thing to do.

This way it is soon over and the rest of your day can go as you had planned. The time you need to make for this is minimal, maybe getting up half an hour earlier or just not spending as long scrolling Facebook whilst waiting to leave for work?

lady exercising with stretching make time for workouts

Start your day with warmups

The first thing you should do as soon as you wake up from bed is starting doing a warm-up for a few minutes. It will create two benefits for you as it will get you a healthy startup, and your brain will get active from that sleepy mind.

It will only be only possible if you make a habit of going to bed early at night and waking up at least 30 minutes before the usual time. You can do a few sets of push-ups and stretches quickly within half an hour.

Doing this will help you kick start your day with an active mind and generate positive thoughts throughout the day. However, even with this bit of time, you can gradually burn quite a few calories. Check out different calories burnt by exercise here.

cycling instead of driving as a way to make time for workouts

Start cycling everywhere

If burning calories and improving health is your motive, then why not try to cycle everywhere you can? If you do not have time to exercise, try to introduce cycling into your life instead of your car, could you cycle to work at a similar time to drive through the rush hour?

You can go everywhere on your bike, such as to the office, shopping, meeting friends, etc. By doing this you will not need to put aside any particular amount of time to work out, and cycling is one of the best ways to exercise and burn calories daily.

Lady walking up stairs make time for workouts by just using the stairs

Avoid lifts

We all like some comfort in our lives, which is why we tend to avoid everything and make excuses. Making small changes will soon increase your step count over the day and as such the calories burnt.

If you are choosing the stairs instead of a lift and visiting nearby spots by walking more often it will make all the difference.

Moreover, you can implement these things to help you make time to work out when you do not have time. If you often drive to a shop up the road for a bottle of milk would it be as time-consuming to walk? If so then it is easy to make that swap.

Changes like this could really help you step up your weight loss! Go out and buy some fitness clothes and give them a try.

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Try to maximise your activities

Rather than make more time for exercise why not look at how you can add exercise to the activities you already do? For instance, start making swaps to anything that helps burn calories, such as standing instead of sitting, carrying heavy bags, and using a basket instead of a trolley while food shopping.

Are you wasting time scrolling Facebook or working longer hours than you are being paid for? Concentrate on using your time more efficiently and it can help you make time for workouts.

Using a slow cooker so your food cooks, while you are working all day, can mean instead of cooking tea you have time for an at-home workout!

In short, try to be more active in day-to-day life and push your limits to find ways to make more time to work out.

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Overcome laziness and procrastination

Even if you have enough time to exercise and burn calories, you’re either lazy to implement or procrastinate for the next day.

To achieve goals, you have to build up that type of mindset and move your muscles right away. If you keep on procrastinating your workout daily, then you will lose the willpower to start on any day soon.

Write yourself a list of all the reasons you should be working out, and things that will motivate you. Perhaps by having a photo of a dress you want to fit into or a holiday, you would like to be fitter for on the fridge. Whatever motivates you to get up and exercise be sure to have visible.

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Home workout

There is no hard and fast rule for exercising. You can even do workouts at your home as well without going to an actual gym if you prefer or have childcare issues stopping you from going to a gym.

With mobile apps like 30 days workout challenge or watching home workout videos on YouTube, you do not have to make time for the gym workout when you don’t have any time. It is quicker to work out at home without having to get to the gym and change/shower there.

Instead, you can pop tea in the oven before you hop in the shower and get out in time for tea! This is an easy way to maximise your time! Try to make a daily routine on specific timing and workout at home.

Have these tips helped you to make time for workouts and find a way to build them into your routine?

Do you need some help to start exercising?

Sometimes those first steps are all you need to get moving and exercise as a new habit. These tips and tricks will get you moving and you will soon forget you didn’t like exercise!


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