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Have you ever tried working out without breaking a sweat? Working out in water is a great way to challenge yourself whilst feeling cool and refreshed. Workouts in water can help burn around 800 calories an hour, but leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated rather than sweaty and exhausted. 

Water is great all year round exercise. In Summer, it’s cooler than outdoor temperatures, and in winter, it is heated to 28 degrees and warms in every way.

Swimming is a great way to work out in the water but did you know there are other fun and challenging water exercises available?

Here are some fun new workouts exercises that use equipment in the water:

1. Water Cycling

Water Cycling is the movement of cycling underwater and uses a stationary bicycle specially designed to conduct aerobic water exercises in water. If you don’t know how to ride a bike, you should not worry as this is an enjoyable exercise that lets you ride at your own pace whilst being and is fully supported by the water. 

If you are looking to give this a try, Water Resist, a Sunshine Coast-based company, is leading the way with water cycling classes. They also provide a great stationary bike specially made for water out of marine grade stainless steel water called a Hydrorider Aquabike that you can use in your home pool or at a pool near you.

The Hydrorider Aquabike has a unique flywheel paddle that guarantees a smooth resistance workout that increases with speed to grow at your own pace. Water resistance can be up to 12 times resistance on land providing a challenging workout that is low impact and kind on the body. In the water, you are buoyant, and this exercise does not put any pressure on the body and joints, making it an excellent option for anyone with knee, hip, or back pain or coming back from injury or illness. 

In addition to being great for the legs, water cycling also offers a challenge in targeting the arms, chest, legs, and core, which will leave you an overall toned body.

2. Water Kickboxing

For those who are not familiar with kickboxing, it is a form of martial arts that combines boxing with elements of karate which can often be hard on the body. KickBoxing in water removes the impact and pressure of this fun sport.

Water Kickboxing is a fun, stress-relieving workout; there is no better workout after a day’s hard work to work the body, relax the mind and improve your mood. The water provides the maximum amount of resistance without the high impact on the body or risk of injury. It is a great cardio workout for the arms, abs, hips, bum, and thighs and the best part of all? You will not wake up with any soreness.

3. Water Circuit

Circuit training is a fun workout with lots of variety.  “Circuit training is a style of activity where one cycle’s through several exercises targeting different muscle groups with minimal rest in between, Shape. It is similar in water. A Water Circuit class uses a range of different equipment including the Hydrorider RiderBand, exercise balls, tubes, and other resistance mechanisms targeting different muscles in each movement.

Water circuits are a fun HIIT workout that helps improve body toning and core strength.  It can be challenging at first, as any other new workout is. Your coordination will be truly challenged as your body adjusts to the water and its impact on your body while performing the exercise.

This water exercise will be as challenging at first as any other new workout is. Your coordination will be truly challenged as your body adjusts to the water and its impact on your body while performing the exercise.

What is the benefit of working out in the water?

It’s not just all fun. There are many health benefits to working out in the water. Seven benefits of water exercises:

Working out overall is beneficial, but here are some benefits of working out in the water:

1. Working out in the water burns serious calories.

2. It increases cardiovascular fitness.

3. It helps improve overall mental health.

4. It is low impact but offers a high-intensity burn to the body. 

5. It helps improve posture and overall body coordination.

6. It helps eliminate cellulite.

7. It improves flexibility and a person’s range of motion

Water or land?

Since childhood, we have been taught that exercising should regularly be part of our daily routine to avoid health complications. However, often we are left sore, with bursitis or worse injuries. Working out doesn’t have to be painful and can be a lot of fun. The term ‘no pain, no gain’ is not true. Working out in water can provide a pain-free workout with outstanding health benefits and results that are fun, and you want to do every single day.

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