This article includes links I have been paid to include but all opinions are my own. I wanted to share with you how to eat at a restaurant and still be healthy.

When you are following a weight loss plan and there is an event you are attending or you want to eat out it doesn’t have to mean you have to eat high-calorie meals. With just a bit of planning, you can still lose weight and have a great meal out. Make sure you wear something you feel good in too.

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Booking a table

If you book a table in advance you know what time you will be eating. This greatly helps your planning. It means you know you definitely have a table at that venue and can start planning your meal.

The easiest way to book a table somewhere, other than contacting restaurants directly is through a table booking app or website. There are a number of websites dedicated to this so you don’t have to go on each restaurant’s own website. Check out Opentable, Squaremeal, Bookatable and Via Michelin.

Checking the menu

When you have booked your table and know what sort of meal you are having eg 3 courses or just the main meal you can plan your actual food. By checking the menu you can compare the different options and find a low-calorie dish you will enjoy.

Some restaurants offer a specific low-calorie menu and have the values clearly marked. Others you need to use a little common sense and read how meals are cooked, and find accompaniments you can swap around.

Phrases to watch for on the restaurant menu

Steamed – If you see fish, vegetables etc listed as being steamed this is a good indication that nothing like butter has been added during cooking. It may be possible that it is added after cooking but you can usually ask to have that left off.

Poached – Poached again is a good sign that it is cooked in water alone and could well have no other ingredients.

Pan-fried – Whilst this is not ideal as is likely to include some form of fat or oil it may be possible to ask for the food to be dry-fried. Either way, it is certainly likely to contain less fat than a deep-fried option.

Quick changes to make to make a meal healthier

Asking for your vegetables or salad to have no butter or dressing on can save calories, syns or whatever you could without drastically changing the meal. Additionally, boiled potatoes do not need herb butter on them and you can easily ask for without.

Swapping your potato option. This is a really easy way of saving a number of calories by choosing a baked rather than fried option. Boiled (without butter) or jacket potatoes are so much better for you than chips that have been deep-fried.

If your meal has an element you don’t want at all don’t panic. How about swapping it for a salad? A simple swap but what a difference it could make.

Always ask for

These are a few simple things to always ask to avoid unnecessary calories and leave you with the options if you wish.

Ask for sauces, dressings etc to be served in a separate jug rather than directly on the meal. This way you can add just a small amount.

If you are having a tea or coffee ask for skimmed milk. It won’t taste much difference but will make a huge difference in calories whilst still enjoying your drink.

Do you have any easy ways to ensure you save calories? Do comment below to help others. What are your favourite restaurants where you live? Here are some of the best restaurants in Leeds from another blogger.

To read all my posts with tips and experiences of various diets, exercises and lots more check out my comprehensive Weight Loss section.

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