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Staying physically fit can do wonders for a person. It’s not about being in good shape. It’s more about improving a person’s mood. In fact, as per the WHO, a person must engage in 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of physical activity per week.

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Are you avoiding the gym because of coronavirus?

Of course, you must be avoiding gyms or wellness studios and even parks with the whole coronavirus scare. But that should never stop you from being active. Moreover, it doesn’t also imply that you must start leading a sedentary lifestyle.

So, here we bring you the top four activities that you can do at home by staying physically fit, irrespective of the pandemic limitations. Let’s begin!


Unlike the name, the exercise is quite easy. In this, the person needs to use his/her body weight to train their muscles. This usually includes squats, crunches, pushups, or planks. Undoubtedly, you can do all of these exercise forms anywhere.

You can also use a gentle version of this exercise form, also referred to as radio callisthenics. In this, a daily broadcast invites listeners to participate in a morning routine. Not only will it keep you physically active, but various studies suggest that it can also help you prevent the decreasing skeletal muscle volume in people with type 2 diabetes. It will also allow you to improve your posture.


If the usual exercises don’t seem interesting, you can opt for this exercise form. The best part is that this type of exercise includes both physical and mental exercises. And you don’t have to be a yogi/ yogini to get access to the benefits.

In fact, as per the experts at Yoga United Kingdom, whether you are young or old, absolutely fit, or a bit overweight, yoga will help you calm your mind and strengthen your body.

And if you don’t know how to begin, you can always look up online or virtual classes to opt for a tailored exercise routine suitable for your body. yoga is a great way for staying physically fit.


This form of exercise usually involves low-impact movements or muscular strength exercises. It is more about developing postural alignment, core strength, or muscle balance. If you start doing this exercise regularly, you will improve your core strength or stability. People in sports or physical rehabilitation can also benefit from this exercise.

Leisure or Fun activities

Not everyone is fond of doing the same activity. Sometimes you require breaking the monotony. Well! You can do that by enjoying your favourite activities. As per the experts, if you have a busy work schedule and don’t find time for leisure activities, you can mix both and lead a healthier lifestyle.

For instance, you can opt for some physical activity while watching your favourite series, try bowling (of course, if you recreate one at your home), or move to the music.


Maintaining health is of utmost importance, especially when the pandemic is still growing. You need to keep your immunity in top shape. Only then can you keep leading a healthy lifestyle without any hassles.

Isn’t that what you desire?

Track your exercise

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