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Working out at home is the norm these days as the risk of infection runs high at gyms and workout classes. It makes sense to build a regimen and follow it regularly. Moreover, you can invest in a home gym and pick the right equipment to support your fitness plan. Resistance workouts are ideal if you want visible results, and they are best done using resistance bands. Let us explain how these simple and affordable bands can take your at-home workouts a notch higher.

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Less chance of injury

Experts suggest that training with elastic bands can deliver the same level of muscle activity as weight training. But the good thing is that they exert a lower amount of force on your joints. It means that the chance of injury is minimal even as you get the results you want. The last thing you will want to encounter when exercising from home is injury. Resistance bands have you covered on this front. 

Greater muscle stimulus

Resistance bands are better than free weights because they facilitate variable resistance through the full range of motion. It means your muscles perform less work when you use free weights to move them. Conversely, they receive greater resistance with bands. Just learn the basics, and you can do more with less, even without having a trainer to guide you with the movements. 

Track your exercise

If you track your exercise then it can help you stay motivated and exercise more regularly. Sign up below for my free download to track your exercise and keep going.


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More exercise options

Using dumbbells or barbells limits you to certain body positions. But there are endless options with elastic bands. You can perform in both the horizontal and vertical planes. For example, you can do resistance band chest exercises or try back row in a standing position. You will not have to use a bench for these workouts. You can even perform sideways movements, ideal for strengthening your muscles for swinging a golf club or baseball bat.


Another valid reason for investing in resistance bands for home workouts is that they cost only a fraction of weights and machines. They are versatile, and you can do a variety of exercises with a single band. You need not worry about space constraints as they can fit anywhere if you do not have a dedicated gym in your living space. It is like having a well-equipped gym inside your closet. 

Perfect for travel

Exercising from home has a host of benefits, and one of these is that you can continue even as you travel. Resistance bands are ideal travel companions because you can fold and pack them in your suitcase. It means you need not give up on your regular fitness schedule while travelling. You have lightweight equipment to use inside your hotel room or at the beach, just the way you want.

It is a good time to enjoy the perks of working out at home, but you need to have the right gear to keep going. Resistance bands are ideal for fitness buffs looking for sustainable results without spending a fortune. Use them indoors or carry them outdoors to get your muscles moving. 

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