There are loads of things you can do to lose weight: eat less, cut out ice cream, improve your mindset, and reduce the stress in your life. But if there was one exercise to rule them all, it is running. If you are a beginner to running check out these tips for running as a beginner.

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What makes running ideal?

While aerobics, cycling, and swimming can all help, running is biomechanically unique. When you run, you put your body through somewhat of an extreme workout. You have to use practically every muscle you have, putting stress on your cardiovascular system.

It sounds pretty unpleasant – and it can be the first time you head out – but it is worth it. The reason is that all that stress has a unique effect on your physique. It shocks your body into action, telling it that it has to slim down, tone up, and become more fit to survive.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the tips you’ll need to succeed at losing weight by running, Check out the following: 

Tip #1: Don’t Overthink Running

Runners can often get bogged down in the minutiae of the sport, fretting about things like carb loading, split times, and their next 10k. If you’re running to lose weight, though, it really doesn’t matter how fast you’re going – so long as you’re pushing yourself. 

Throughout history, people have run from place to place. It’s actually a unique feature of humans that we’re able to run at all, thanks to our ability to sweat as we move. Runners in the past never thought about how fast they were going. Instead, they just focused on putting one foot in front of the other. Most of them enjoyed it. 

Tip #2: Support Your Running With Yoga

Running can take its toll on the body over the long term, which is why you’ll want to give yourself a significant break from the sport every couple of months or so. Runners can develop tendonitis, shin splints, and torn leg muscles. 

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Yoga for runners is a particular type of movement designed to strengthen your weak points. It won’t eliminate the risk of injury, but it will dramatically improve your flexibility and blood flow, making you more resilient. Don’t attempt to run a marathon until you’ve incorporated yoga first

Tip #3: Lift Weights Twice Per Week

While running might be great for shedding pounds, most people can only do it for so long before injuring themselves. The best way to keep on running (and therefore lose weight) is to complement your running with a couple of strength training sessions in the gym every week. You’ll want to concentrate on your hips, hamstrings, and calves as these are the muscles that runners injure most frequently. 

Tip #4: Get The Runner’s High

Running might not feel good the first couple of times that you do it, but over time, you’ll notice that you start benefiting from the so-called “runner’s high.” This feel-good factor is something that you can use to your advantage. The better running makes you feel, the more likely you are to do it. 

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