When trying to lose weight, a lot of people think that they should never let any ‘bad foods’ pass their lips. Ever. Although this can work for some people, for most people it is probably one of the worst things they can do.

Declaring a certain food off-limits only serves to make it more attractive, and not only that but having a treat or two during a diet has been shown to have a number of positive benefits.

Keep you motivated

Numerous studies have shown that allowing yourself to have a treat now and again when you are dieting, can help you to stay on the motivation train.

As long as you reserve treats for special occasions like when you’ve met your weight loss goal for the month and you feel like cheeky chocolate or when it’s your birthday and you want to take advantage of the many birthday freebies and discounts.

It won’t hinder your weight loss, and because you won’t feel quite so deprived, it will help you to keep going until your next goal or special occasion when you know you will be able to indulge again.

Treats can keep your metabolism firing

When you decide to cut out all but the healthiest of foods on a diet, you could end up decreasing your metabolic rate, which means that it will be more difficult for your body to burn calories efficiently, which is the last thing you want on a diet!

By occasionally allowing yourself to have some ice cream or a burger, you can confuse your metabolism enough that it doesn’t slow down significantly and you can keep burning fat as efficiently as possible. A cheat meal once in a while really can be good for you.

Prevent binges

If, like many overweight people, you’re prone to binges, allowing yourself an occasional treat during your diet may be a smart move. Why? Because denial rarely works well for fingers.

They can stay on the straighty and narrow for a while, but eventually, they’ll crack and eat way more of their desired treat food than they would if they’d been able to eat it in small amounts all along.

When bingers can’t have something, their cravings tend to build and get out of control and that is never great for a diet or for good health.

As you can see, allowing yourself to have a food-based treat now and again is no bad thing, and it could even help you to stick to your diet more successfully.

That being said, it is important that you don’t overdo the treats and enjoy them only in moderation. It’s also the case that all treats don’t have to be edible, particularly when they’re treats for meeting a new target or smashing a new weight loss goal.

Things like trips to the cinema (when they’re allowed again) a new makeup set, or fun time spent with the family can all be great treats too.

Why not spend some time on you and perhaps use your newly bought make-up to try the smoky eye effect?

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