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Sticking to a diet is hard work. There are so many delicious treats out in the world and with more innovative chefs, you require larger waistline trousers. It is a curse of the modern world. Or at least that is how it feels. In fact, sticking to a diet is achievable and can provide a nice change of pace to your lifestyle. This article will give you some idea on how to select a diet and how to stick to one. 

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Picking a diet

The most important part of seeing any results is to pick a diet that works for you. This involves doing a little bit of research and being honest with yourself about your own habits. Finding out whether you prefer to do intermittent fasting or discovering what is keto diet can be a great first step to your new healthy lifestyle. 

Learning more about the food you eat, the way the body processes that food and your eating habits will help you dramatically improve your diet. You just need to come up with a plan and stick to it. 

Don’t start tomorrow, start today

Waiting for the next day or week is a great way to put off actually making any plans. You should start by making your very next meal a healthier one. It is easy to make excuses about plans that you have made or that holiday you are going on. However, your diet should include enough leeway to allow you to still enjoy yourself without piling on the weight. One cheat meal is not the end of the world.

Think consciously about the food you buy when you go shopping, making sure to pick up meals that can be bulked or made quick and easy for when you are in a rush.


One of the obvious solutions to sticking to a diet is to cut out alcohol. Alcohol is not only high in calories but increases your appetite and lowers your inhibitions. This means you are less likely to stick to your healthy eating and exercise plans. Cutting it out for a few weeks or just reducing your amount consumed can really help. 

A well-kept secret is drinking water. Drinking water throughout the day actually lessens how hungry you are. We often mistake hunger for thirst. Drinking water can feel like a chore and is often not as satisfying as a fizzy drink full of sugar but it will certainly help you stop snacking. 

Need help drinking more?

Do you need more help and motivation to keep you drinking water throughout the day? This water tracker could keep you on track easily. Sign up below to download my free tracker.



You have heard it since you were a child. Fruit is better than sweets and biscuits. You should cut yourself off from the source and buy lots of fruit rather than biscuits or crisps. They are low in calories, provide nutrients, and are filling. They are cheap as well. A great replacement for sugary snacks. 


Diets are never easy, but you can stick to them if you build a strong foundation and good habits. Be strict but fair with yourself. You can’t cut out all of the delicious foods but take them in moderation. Also, you can discover the wonderful world of healthy eating and energizing food. 

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