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As you probably know I am a vegetarian. I have considered becoming vegan but have not made that step yet. When I can I do opt for vegan choices though. I feel that is a great step in the right direction and will make that final step to go vegan easier.

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What makes The Pro Co different

The Pro Co products are all vegan. This means they don’t use any animal products at all. Including any products such as palm oil which removes the habitat from animals who live in palm areas. If you choose a plant-based diet then these may be for you.

All the products on the website are great for the environment too with the packaging etc being 98% plastic-free which is amazing, don’t you think? Beauty products often use so much single-use plastic and the impact of this on the environment is huge.

Have you seen the prices of some eco-friendly and vegan products? Why do they always seem to add extra cost just because you want to be animal friendly and help the environment for future generations? It really is something that drives me loopy! There is just no need for it at all! I love that these are all just £7.99 each.

Vitamin C Serum

This 20% vitamin c serum is formulated to reduce the signs of aging by helping to reduce the appearance of all those lines we get with age. Age spots and dull faded looking skin are all said to be improved by vitamin c serum. This one also includes Hyaluronic acid which revitalises the skin’s outer layers so they can look and feel so much softer. Who doesn’t want softer, smoother and radiantly hydrated skin?

Eye Rescue Serum

Do you have dark circles like me around your eyes? This eye rescue serum is perfect for smoothing your eye contours and fading dark circles. A simple serum that can really improve your skin circulation. Again in a 98% plastic-free bottle this is ideal.

Retinol Serum

This serum is for use at night and is formulated for counteracting wrinkles, who wouldn’t want that! It has an anti-ageing formula and with lower irritation and enhanced penetration, it is perfect for putting on before bed. Retinol is a naturally occurring Vitamin A and is proven to speed up the akin’s cell cycle and that of course helps stop those horrible wrinkles!

I also have a link to get you 20% off the Retinol Serum, how good is that!

How do you choose beauty products?

When choosing beauty products do you look for good value for money, environmentally friendly, vegan or aim for all three but struggle to get them within a reasonable budget? Like I said earlier sometimes the price seems to go up extortionately with eco-friendly products so I am really pleased with this range and would definitely recommend you look at them.

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