If you want to go camping but can not bear to be without your TV then this Traveller TV could be just what you need. At 22 inches it is still a good size for viewing your favourite shows but designed for travel. Read on to see how we got on trying out the Cello Traveller TV.

Cello 22" Traveller Smart Full HD TV boxed on a wooden table

How is the Cello Traveller TV different?

This is not one of those tiny travel TV’s where you can hardly see the screen. It is a decent size 22 inch full hd smart TV. Whilst it wont fit in your suitcase for a flight abroad it is absolutely perfect for a camping holiday.

The Traveller TV has two options to power it. One is a standard 240v plug, like you have on a TV in the house. The other is a 12V cable for the car which plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket.

instruction booklets, tv remote control and cable

How easy is it to set up?

The Traveller TV comes with a comprehensive instruction book that took you through it all step by step. It was pretty straightforward. To use the smart tv you need a google account though you can set this up through the TV. Then essentially it works by installing apps in the same way as an android tablet.

Cello 22" Traveller Smart Full HD TV on a wooden table with instruction booklets, cable and remote control

Our overall thoughts on the Traveller TV

This TV is great for in the home or for those who go camping. I appreciate it is not easy to transport but then what large tv is? The reality is if you want to be able to take a TV away with you occasionally and use the same one at home sometimes then this is a really great option. It can even be wall mounted if required.

There are so many apps you can download to the TV including Amazon Prime, BBC Iplayer, Now TV, YouTube and so many more. The TV has USB and HDMI ports so can be connected to all your usual devices whether at home or away.

If you want to treat yourself to the Cello Traveller TV then it is available on Amazon and with free delivery if you have Amazon Prime.

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Cello 22" Traveller Smart Full HD TV - A Review

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