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It is that time of year when we all feel pretty rubbish don’t we? It is cold, money is short and we keep getting bugs and sneezing. Maybe that is just me but this is definitely my least favourite time of year! If you are also starting to think about holidays maybe even booking them then this is the post for you.

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A holiday doesn’t have to be a trip abroad though does it? A holiday could be a few days away in the UK with your family.

I love the idea of going camping as I think it is a great holiday for your mental health and thought I would share with you 9 reasons why.

A small green two person tent

Camping is good for your mental health because…

If you get a tent that isn’t too hard to assemble then it shouldn’t cause arguments. In fact, the pitching of the tent will be a great family bonding experience.

Being in the middle of nowhere with the family all together means no more ringing your teenager on their mobile to come down for tea. For the few days you are camping you will be together having fun without the temptation of them hiding away in their bedroom ignoring you!

We all know that eating junk food isn’t good for our mental health (as much as we think it is at times) so getting back to basics and cooking on fire and then eating out of tubs would be a great way to give your body a bit of a reboot as well as your mind. Eating while luxury camping doesn’t mean you can’t still cook over a fire and it is still something you should try.

Image is so important to many of us nowadays, spending hours getting ready with hair straighteners, make-up and a whole variety of products. By going away camping you realise these things really aren’t important and you can enjoy being yourself again.

How many of us don’t even really know our neighbours and rarely socialise with people outside our small circle of friends? When you go camping it is so easy to meet other couples or families and enjoy activities altogether. Making new friends is great for your mental health.

A lady throwing leaves in the air in an autumnal scene

When you sit down in the evening what is on your mind? The cleaning you should be doing? Work? Or maybe you work in the evenings too because you have so much to do (this is me lately!).

Going away camping takes all that away. Instead of seeing ironing that needs doing and getting tempted to work you actually have a rest.

Improving your children’s mental health is important as well as your own. They love to be outside and learn new things. Imagine how refreshed and excited they would feel after a family walk exploring caves and forests in a new area. This is good for adults too, to fill our minds with nature instead of technology!

Learning survival skills can really make you feel proud of yourself. That feeling of achievement is great for your mental health and as long as you are reasonably safe you can actually have so much fun if you make sure you take the right equipment.

Working out how to start a fire and such. This is probably not a great idea for teenagers alone though, this story made me laugh at how the world has changed!

Being physically healthy is important in keeping you mentally healthy. If you are tired and run down then a breakaway whether it be camping or to a spa could make all the difference. Make yourself a priority, you owe it to yourself.

What sort of holiday do you find helps you to relax and get away from it all? Do you prefer a break lounging on the beach or back-to-basics camping? If you are thinking of camping with a baby, first good luck, I don’t envy you! Secondly, check out a fellow blogger’s post The essential guide to camping with a baby where she gives you some good tips. I wish you luck, I couldn’t imagine camping with a baby!

girl throwing leaves - 9 reasons why camping is good for your mental health

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