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Struggling to sleep at night is a highly frustrating experience, leaving you feeling stressed out and lacking energy. There are several apps on the market that can support you to improve your sleep. For five of the best options, try out these.

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1. Calm

Calm is one of the leading apps for meditation and sleep. Whether you’re stressed out, experiencing anxiety, or having sleep issues, calm has plenty of solutions to support you.

The app provides sleep stories, soothing music, and breathing programs, to improve your bedtime routine.

Calm features over 100 sleep guides, designed for both adults and children. When you sleep better you’ll benefit from improved mood and energy levels.

2. Slumber

The Slumber app offers an extensive range of soothing stories and sleep meditations, to help you get some shut-eye.

Every slumber episode was designed to help you ease your mind, and feel peaceful. The Slumber sessions include calming music and sound from the natural world.

Slumber also features kid’s activities such as bedtime stories, and mindfulness exercises. To ease stress and get a better night’s sleep, Slumber is the perfect app.

3. Moshi 

Moshi is an award-winning app, that supports children with mindfulness and sleep. If your children struggle to get to sleep at night, the Moshi app could be just what you need.

This application offers 75+ hours of sounds, music, stories, and meditations, specially created for children. In a recent survey, the company discovered that ‘97% of parents surveyed agree that Moshi helps get their kids to sleep quicker than usual.’

With the help of the app, parents can access the following benefits:

  • Take the stress out of your child’s bedtime routine.
  • Get back your time to chill in the evening.
  • Help your child to fall asleep faster.

4. Endel: Focus, Sleep, Relax, 

The Endel app offers a huge range of soundscapes, supporting your body and mind through a variety of different tasks. Endel offers three different focus modes, including:

  • Sleep Mode: Helps you fall asleep, with gentle and soothing sounds.
  • Focus Mode: Supports you to concentrate on a task and boost productivity
  • On-the-Go Mode: Adjusts to your ‘personal tempo’, when you’re on the go.

The app is perfect for both sleep support and stress reduction. Any of the Endel modes can be accessed both online and offline.

5 . Pzizz

The Pzizz is an application designed to help users get a better night’s sleep. The app allows you to select from a series of different ‘dreamscapes’.

These dreamscapes combine music, voiceovers, and calming sound effects. Each dreamscape was specially created to ease the mind.

As well as the sleep module, Pzizz includes a nap module, helping you to improve your naps and boost your energy levels! One of the best things about Pzizz is that it’s highly customizable. Users can adjust the volumes, effects, narrators, duration, and more.

To improve your bedtime routine, it’s important to give yourself the perfect sleep conditions. Whether it’s a spacious king-size bed frame, or a memory foam mattress, with the right conditions, you’ll get a better night’s rest.

Do you have any tips for a restful night? Do comment and let me know below as I am terrible for tossing and turning all night, I am going to try these apps but may still need more tips!

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