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Some people say that confidence comes with age, but for many of us, we might have already hit a significant milestone and be wondering where the heck that certainty has got to. Learning to love the skin you’re in will ensure that you live life to its fullest and don’t miss opportunities simply because you feel uncomfortable about yourself.

Here are some top tips to help you gain the necessary confidence to wear what you want without Spanx and boost your self-esteem.

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Look at yourself in the mirror

For some of us, gazing at our reflection can be somewhat painful. However, the more you look, the longer you can spend appreciating what your body has done for you and the parts that you prefer. Ok, so you have stretch marks on your tummy. Is that an indication that you are a horrid person? Absolutely not, learn to love the skin you’re in.

Have you have lost a significant amount of weight? If so, that’s a reason to celebrate and love the skin you’re in, however, it looks!

Have you had a baby or two (whether recently or in the past)? If so, your body is amazing, making miracles.

Are you considering booking spa breaks Yorkshire has some amazing spas, but wondering if you should? Is this because you hate your body? Don’t, no one has a perfect body and you can enjoy a spa without worrying about how you look!

Whatever the reason for your stretch marks, try to accept that they are here to stay and will fade somewhat with time. They do not determine who you are, though, so brushing the feelings of hatred of your body because of them to one side is essential. Focus on the parts of you that you do like. Do you have radiant skin? Do you have gorgeous eyes? Look at the positives!

Speak kindly to yourself

The vast majority of us wouldn’t dream of telling a friend that they’re a fat, ugly mess. Why then is it acceptable for us to use insults like that when we are reflecting on ourselves?

It’s true that the more you use negative language to describe yourself, the more you will end up believing it. The idea will be firmly planted in your head.

I’ll bet that when you were a child, someone told you a story, such as hill sheep having shorter legs on one side, and because you heard it several times, you ended up believing it even though initially, it seemed far-fetched.

The more negativity you show yourself, the more those ideas will be ingrained in you, meaning you lack self-belief and self-confidence.

Check out these body positivity quotes to help you.

Take more selfies, look at yourself and tell yourself you look good. I love these Sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses have some fantastic ones for all budgets and you are sure to find some that suit you. I love these as they match my hair perfectly! They are Victoria Beckham ones too which is amazing as I never imagined I could fit into anything of hers! I know they are sunglasses, but still, it is amazing!

Dress accordingly

Ok, so this may be controversial, but hear me out. Many people say wear what you like, and I am a strong advocate of that. However, I also firmly believe that I need to spend a little time considering which garments will flatter my body shape and size. This will help you to love the skin you’re in more.

In the past, looking through someone’s photo album on Facebook from their party, I was horrified when I caught a glimpse of myself. I thought that the outfit I was wearing was well chosen and looked good. However, I could see rolls of fat at the back because my bra didn’t fit well enough.

Little things like that can make all the difference. Therefore, I strongly recommend buying a range of clothing that suits you. No item is off the list, of course, but it’s making sure that we pair clothes with the right accessories and underwear.

Here are some tips for dressing well in plus size clothing which may help.

Make some changes

Loving yourself means that you can be accepting of things that others may consider flaws, but showing your body, health and wellbeing some respect can be useful, too.

When it comes to that, looking at the foods you eat can have a dramatic impact. No one is saying that you need to lose weight. However, perhaps shifting a few pounds might boost your confidence a little. Furthermore, some foods have mood-enhancing qualities, such as fatty fish, bananas, berries and oats.

As well as looking at the fuel you put inside your body, changing up the activity you do and increasing the amount of time spent with an elevated heart rate can help you tone up and feel good. Endorphins released during exercise are unbeatable.

So, whether it’s Zumba, running or yoga that takes your fancy, give it a go and have fun while you do. Finding a type of fitness you love can honestly be life-changing.

Ultimately, there is no magic potion that suddenly leaves you full to the brim with confidence. It takes time to develop it, but hopefully, the above tips will help speed up the process a little for you. Good luck!

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