I was recently sent the Actigun massage gun to try out and found it pretty helpful. Here is more you might like to know about the massager and how useful it could be.

Using deep tissue massage to release toxins from your body

Deep tissue massage is just that, a massage that really gets in there to work those muscles. Deep tissue massage hurts when you are getting it but the greatly increased blood flow makes you feel so relaxed that you actually sleep like a baby when it is time for bed.

Deep tissue massage is used to treat sports injuries, alleviate chronic pain and tension, and break up those tough areas we like to call ‘knots’. This form of massage can improve your condition greatly, especially when it is used in conjunction with other forms of therapy, like deep heat.

It is always wise to check with your family doctor whether this is suitable for you.

How to give yourself a massage

Start with minimal pressure and work up to the actual deep pressure that is most beneficial. There is no need in jumping right off the deep end and making you not want to continue. Just like anything else, you need to find what works for you and be patient.

Deep breathe and try not to tense up during your massage. Deep breathing will keep the oxygen flowing and help the muscles relax and heal. Do not do anything too strenuous after your massage, with the muscles in such a relaxed state, they could easily tear and cause more pain. So, relax and take care of yourself after your massage.

Deep pressure will help release toxins from the injured area and you should be sure to drink a lot of water and maybe soak in a hot bath to relieve any soreness you may experience afterwards. Epsom salts are a good old-fashioned way to relieve pain also. Put about two cups in a bath full of warm water and soak for about 20 minutes.

The Actigun

This is good for self-massage and the charge lasts a long time once charged which is great for those of us who are disorganised or don’t expect to need to use the massager.

The instructions share which areas the different heads should be used for and how to change the heads as required.

It comes with 4 and 6-speed settings, 20-gear controls, and 5-replaceable massage heads so great for various different muscles and the controls are easy to change as needed with the touch screen.

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