I guess most of us will assume that to satisfy your chocolate craving whilst sticking to your diet or weight loss plan is nearly impossible. Let’s face it; there will always be an excuse for wanting chocolate. Perhaps, you’ve had a bad day at work or you’ve not slept well. Maybe, it’s your time of the month (“star week”) or you can’t seem to get anything right with your kids.

No one blames you for wanting to gorge on chocolate; in fact, I reckon most women would feel the same way, probably many men too. However, doing so is often a form of self-sabotage and will leave us feeling guilty for succumbing.

squares of chocolate

What if I told you that you could stick to your syns and still satisfy that craving for chocolatey naughtiness? Here are a few ways to do just that.

Chocolate Treats that are low-calorie

There is an excellent selection of easy-to-grab chocolate treats, readily available in your local supermarket or corner shop.

You know when you are preparing for the trick-or-treaters at Hallowe’en, and you buy those bags filled with treat-size chocolate bars, like Mars and Milky Bars, secretly hoping that they would avoid your house, allowing you to indulge in the leftovers? Well, those are often low in calories. Ok, so they are small, but this can be just what you need. Sometimes.

Mikado sticks are a great option as each stick is really low in calories and they are readily available, so perfect if you are out and about. Oreos are also pretty low-calorie as biscuits go and pretty filling, so a couple of those might be enough for you.

chocolate dessert

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is richer and more bitter than its cousin, milk chocolate. In fact, most people will find that they need a lot less to satisfy their sweet tooth. Grab a couple of squares of your favourite chocolate, ensuring you know the calories, melt and then smother over some fruit. Strawberries, raspberries, bananas, even pomegranate seeds are all yummy and hit the spot well and truly.

bars of chocolate

Recipes to Try to satisfy your chocolate craving

As well as the ready-made chocolate options, there are also low-calorie chocolate-based recipes that you can try. Here are two of my (and my family’s) favourites. Both would be fantastic choices to serve guests if you are having an informal gathering or a dinner party.

Chocolate Coffee Cheesecake

My recipe for chocolate coffee cheesecake is low in calories and, while it contains quite a few ingredients, is relatively straightforward to make. Needing 45 minutes in the oven followed by at least four hours in the fridge to cool and set properly, it is an option that you must make in advance – so plan ahead if this is something you’re craving.

Lower in calories than most cheesecakes because it doesn’t have a biscuit base, you could always add some fruit on the side to add another texture. Or grab a couple of your favourite low-calorie biscuits and dip them into the cheesecake – naughty but very nice!

chocolate coffee cheesecake with cherries on a spotty plate

Raspberry and Chocolate Indulgence

If anyone uses raspberry and chocolate within the same sentence, my ears immediately prick up as it’s one of my favourite flavour combinations. This recipe is delicious and pretty reasonable on calories.

However, it is worth every single one of those. In fact, you could have two if you really want to! It’s a lovely dish to make, taking around ten minutes, and then needs to set in the fridge for at least an hour. I adore raspberries, so I always have a generous helping on the side of this dish, too.

chocolate and raspberry dessert

Have these given you some ideas to help you satisfy your chocolate craving? Do you have any other tips? Add them in the comments below!

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