Do you love pasta recipes as much as I do? I could happily eat it every day in one form or another. I love lasagne, pasta bake, spaghetti bolognese, vegetarian of course, and well if it is pasta, I love it! How about you?

What are your favourite pasta recipes? Do you have a favourite?

bag of garofalo pasta on wooden table

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Choosing pasta

Recently when I attended a blogging conference in the goody bag I got this free bag of Garofalo pasta! I was of course very excited by this because not only do I love pasta but free pasta is even better!

This pasta is a brand I was not previously aware of but having tasted it I must say it is amazing! It has a way of holding more flavour from the sauce and just has much more flavour.

At around £2 a bag it is a little more expensive than my usual supermarket own brand. I didn’t expect there to be a difference, pasta is pasta, right?

Actually, it was amazing and totally different! Ben and Stuart both loved it too. I was genuinely surprised by how much more taste it had.

Do you have a favourite brand of pasta?

glass dish of cooked butternut squash and cherry tomato pasta bake
Butternut squash and cherry tomato pasta bake

What are your favourite healthy pasta recipes?

Do you have a favourite pasta dish or like me do you like pretty much anything pasta related?

Do you prefer a creamy sauce or a tomato-based sauce?

Have you ever had an amazing pasta dish but not been able to replicate it at home?

Favourite Unofficial Slimming World pasta recipes with a tomato based sauce

Here are a few of my favourite recipes, and those of Stuart and Ben, with pasta you may have missed!

Butternut squash and cherry tomato pasta bake This is vegetarian and colourful but also easy to make and great for all the family. If you can’t get butternut squash as it isn’t in the season it would be easy to swap for any other vegetable of your choice. Check my butternut squash tips for information on how to prepare it easily.

Pasta Arrabiata is a simple spicy pasta dish that is easy to make and includes lots of vegetables so great for healthy eating plans like Slimming World. this is one of the easiest Slimming World pasta recipes I share so why not give it a go if you aren’t too fond of cooking.

Spicy sausage pasta bake is great for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Simply use whatever your favourite healthy sausages are and syn the recipe as appropriate if you do not use syn free sausages.

For vegetarians, I recommend a meat texture like sausage rather than a vegetable-based one as it will make the recipe better.

Mediterranean vegetable lasagne This lasagne can easily be adapted to be a meat lasagne if you prefer by removing some of the vegetables and using mince instead. That said I think it is perfect like this so you shouldn’t need to change it really.

Chicken fajita pasta bake is a spicy and unique healthy pasta recipe that mixes a pasta bake with chicken fajitas to be a tasty healthy meal for all the family. It can be easily adjusted to make it however spicy you choose.

Spaghetti bolognese with hidden vegetables is a great family meal to ensure all the family have their vegetables. Why don’t you give it a try with your kids and see if they notice the hidden veggies!

Turkey chilli pasta in the Instant Pot is an easy quick meal if you want to use your instant pot to make pasta, once you have mastered this recipe you could adapt others for the instant pot!

Bowl of chicken and bacon carbonara
Chicken and bacon carbonara

Healthy pasta recipes with a creamy sauce

Leek and macaroni cheese. Mac and cheese is a popular meal but not always too healthy. Why not try this healthier version which is still really tasty but includes some well-hidden vegetables too. If you are not keen on leeks then cut them small and you will still love this macaroni cheese.

Chicken and bacon carbonara. So many people love carbonara but usually, it is in a thick creamy sauce full of calories. This recipe is just as tasty but fewer calories.

Pasta with a courgette sauce is a tasty easy recipe that is perfect if you have lots of courgettes to use!

Smoked salmon pasta with lemon zest is a recipe with a few syns but worth it apparently, I don’t eat fish so can’t give you my personal opinion.

Creamy cheese and ham pasta bake is a great meal for children who love cheese and ham but don’t want vegetables. You can sneak onions in easily and it is a healthier option than many shop-bought sauces!

Spaghetti Primavera is one of my favourite healthy pasta recipes as it is not tomato-based like many others and includes different vegetables to those you usually have in pasta dishes. Why not give it a try.

Garlic mushroom and spinach pasta bake is an easy flavoursome meal with plenty of iron in from the spinach so always good to help you stay healthy.

Garlic and spinach pasta recipe
Tagliatelle pasta with spinach and mushrooms on a pan. Vegetarian food.

Healthy pasta soup recipes

Hearty vegetable pasta soup is light enough for lunch but filling enough to keep you full until your evening meal. Why not give it a try.

Minestrone soup is probably the best-known pasta soup recipe and this recipe is super easy to make!

Unofficial Slimming World Pasta Salad recipes

Bruschetta pasta salad is so full of flavour and easy to make for a work lunch or a buffet everyone will love it.

Tomato and Mozzarella pasta salad – another popular pasta salad recipe that is filling and tasty, perfect as a healthier alternative to pizza on weight loss plans!

or for something sweet…..

Fruit pasta salad is a fruit alternative full of berries and a refreshing summer pasta dish.

Healthy Noodle recipes

Do you count noodles as pasta? I know that I generally don’t but I guess really they are, aren’t they! So here are my favourite healthy noodle recipes!

Singapore chow mein noodles is a perfect Chinese takeaway dish.

An alternative vegetarian option is chow mein style noodles that you can add mushrooms or tofu or whatever you fancy to.

An important pasta question

I am writing some new pasta recipes, what is your favourite pasta shape or one you would love to use more? Click into the comments box below and let me know!

Do you prefer creamy, cheesy or tomato-based sauces? If there is anything you would love in a recipe let me know that too!

Do you like traditional Italian pasta recipes? I love checking out the traditional recipes, they are so much better than a UK bolognese!

Pasta cooking cheat sheet

how to cook pasta infographic

If you found this helpful please share!

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  1. Creamy pasta or with tomato sauce, pasta is pasta and I love it! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Interested in doing collabs? xx

  2. I love the large shells I think it’s something beginning with a C lol and a tomato based sauces

  3. I have to admit I like pasta and my father is crazy about it. Pasta, pasta all the time. when he comes around I just need to cook it.

  4. Pasta is a staple in our household too. My family’s fave is chicken, bacon, pea and thyme with a creme fraiche stirred through. Quick and easy, and always with fusilli as it’s too easy to burn your mouth on secret sauces hiding inside penne! Lisa 🙂

  5. I love penne for white sauces and rigatoni for red sauces because the sauce gets trapped inside them. Not sure why I don’t like them reversed maybe it’s just the way I’ve always had them.

  6. My favorite pasta recipe is buffalo mac & cheese. This has chicken in it but could probably have firm tofu or something else to replace it (i’ve heard of grated cauliflower replacing shredded chicken). My favorite pastas are creamy/cheesey/strong flavored bc I don’t really actually like the flavor of the pasta.

  7. Wow, that dish looks pretty good. I cannot think of pasta dish that I wouldn’t like. Pasta lover right here.

  8. Generally, I have pasta in restaurants. I had planning to start preparing it by myself. I would go with cheese flavor 😀

  9. Mmm I do love pasta! I’ll have to try some of these. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  10. I am a pasta lover. It doesn’t matter the shape of it. I like pretty much any flavour: creamy, tomato based or cheesy. I love them all.

  11. I recently got into making my own cannoloni. I have made a spinach and ricotta one and it was amazing, I’ll be eating it lots more now.

  12. I love Pasta! Fusilli or the one pictured are my favourite type of shapes. I like a good bake, creamy cheese with broccoli is my go to pasta as comfort food. With lots of Italian flavouring.
    Now I’m hungry, please cook for me 🙂

  13. I love anything creamy like a creamy tomato with lots of cheese and a crisp top (actual crisps) we tend to use tube pasta x

  14. Cant beat macaroni pasta- not just in a cheese sauce…. but that would definitely be my first choice! And I’m all for ‘poshing’ it up with a bit of lobster, bacon or anything really!

  15. Pasta is such a big part of my slimming world diet. I am a tagliatelle lover! You can make so many different meals with pasta.

  16. Great post. I love pasta dishes and recently I have been trying to go more vegan/veggie so I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients. Just yesterday in fact infoundban amazing vegan cheese which we used on our tea. It was insane. Really good, a real game changer.

  17. I am a pasta lover, I do think we all need ot enjoy a nice pasta form time to time. It is godo fo rteh soul and for the tummy too! =)

  18. Yes! I just love pasta and have it often. I don’t get the people who can give up carbs. I need pasta in my life to stay happy 🙂

  19. I love cheese sauces and mac and cheese is my absolute favourite. Although you can’t go wrong with a simple Penne dish with tomato sauce x

  20. I love Casarecce as it makes a nice change from penne or pasta twists. We tend to go for creamy pastas – our favourite is chicken, pancetta, mushrooms and rosemary.

  21. I like tomato based sauces best, as I often find cheese ones a bit bland. However, I often make cheese and broccoli pasta and really enjoy that!

  22. I love all pasta, but a good cheesy carbonara is my favourite! I don’t really have a favourite kind of pasta, but bows are cute! ?

  23. I absolutely love all sorts of pasta, but would have to say that my favourite pasta dishes are the cream based ones. From spaghetti carbonara to fetuccine Alfredo – anything with a long pasta and cream is for me. Mac n Cheese is up there too!

  24. I don’t have a massive preference on the type of pasta, although I don’t think you can beat traditional spaghetti with a creamy (and cheesy! Sauce. One of my favourite meals to
    Cook is seafood (those frozen fish pie mixes) with cheesy sauce and spaghetti!

  25. My favourite pasta dish is one I invented when I was at college and now my girls love it! It’s pasta twists mixed with tuna mayo, peas and cheddar cheese and sometimes the addition of sweetcorn. I add a sprinkle of white pepper as well to taste. It’s surprisingly moreish!!

  26. We live on pasta here, my son would eat Spaghetti Bolognaise every day if I let him!! My favourite type though is probably fusilli and I prefer a creamy sauce with maybe courgette, mushroom and chicken!

  27. My kids go mad for creamy tomato style sauces so any recipes like that that help me pack in some veg/protein as well would be gladly received!