There is nothing worse than running out of a spice blend when you need it for a recipe. I hate having to drive to the supermarket for one spice jar that I forgot I needed!

Here are 5 spice blends you can easily make from other spices you may have in to help you out.

selection of spices in small dishes

How to make Fajita seasoning

This recipe will make approximately the same amount you get in a small spice jar. Perfect for Chicken fajita pasta bake.

How to make All purpose seasoning for chips or chicken

Again this will make approximately a small spice jar full of seasoning for the perfect chips, roast potatoes or grilled chicken.

How to make Cajun seasoning

Make yourself a small jar of cajun seasoning quite easily with the following.

How to make Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Again, this will make you approximately the quantity for a small spice jar. Use them to make this amazing Caribbean rice or Jerk chicken.

How to make a chilli seasoning blend

This is perfect in chilli, or to give a kick to a rice dish. Have you tried this turkey chilli recipe or chilli con Carne recipe yet?


The easiest and cheapest way I find to buy spices in bulk buying on Amazon. Check out this post for some tips. Do you have any other spice blends that you use regularly?

If so do let me know and I will share some more blends you can make at home with you.

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5 Spice blends you can easily make yourself

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