Pasta is one of the most popular dinner options worldwide simply because it’s simple to prepare, and there are several ways to enjoy it. You can pair pasta with any seasoning or side dishes, and it always tastes good.

As long as you know some essential tips and pay attention to techniques, you can also make incredible pasta dishes at home.

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To master the art of pasta cooking, let’s talk about some of the best tips worth remembering!

How to Cook Pasta: Tips and Techniques

1. Prepare salted water in a large pot.

Add a generous amount of salt to the water when you want to boil the pasta. Salted water is essential to ensure your pasta is seasoned well before preparing it. We also suggest boiling pasta in a large pot filled with salted water.

That way, your pasta will have a lot of room to move around as it cooks. A small pot can cause the pasta to stick together or become mushy after boiling.

2. Get the water to boil before adding pasta.

The trick to cooking pasta to perfection is to boil them properly.

You don’t want to add the pasta to the water too early, or you won’t be able to cook them correctly.

We recommend adding them only once the water starts boiling.

3. Keep on stirring after adding the Pasta.

Once the water boils, it’s time to add pasta so they can cook. We suggest stirring continuously so the pasta doesn’t stick together or stick to the bottom of the pot.

Stirring might not sound important, but it is crucial in ensuring pasta cooks well.

4. Resist rinsing the pasta.

Once the pasta is drained most people prefer to rinse the pasta before adding the sauce once it is drained.

Instead, we suggest not rinsing the pasta to restore the maximum flavour. Not rinsing also helps you not lose the extra starch.

5. Add pasta to the sauce, not another way around.

You cannot wait until after the pasta has boiled to prepare the pasta sauce. Not only will that make your pasta soggy, but it will also lose its flavour.

You should also add the pasta to the sauce and not pour the sauce into the pasta. This simple technique enables you to ensure the sauce covers all the pasta evenly and the flavours are well distributed.

6. Study ideal cooking times for pasta.

Several kinds of pasta are available in the market, and you need to cook each differently. There are different preparations required and different cooking times.

So before cooking any pasta dish, studying the cooking time for your chosen pasta type is paramount.

We also recommend testing the dish earlier to ensure the Pasta is cooking in the sauce as expected. Rely on your tastebuds to help you create the perfect pasta dish for you and your loved ones.

Get help from the internet if you are still determining how long you need to cook the particular pasta you have.

Look at the cooking instructions on the back of your packet and also trust your cooking instincts to prepare a fantastic Italian treat at home.

7. To enhance the pasta dish, perfect the sauce.

The kind of sauce you choose to pair with the pasta decides the overall taste and success of the dish. So it is vital to cook the sauce right to ensure it goes well with your pasta.

You can also do some research for this part of the process. Look online for what kind of sauce goes best with your pasta. Use my recipes and cook a nice Italian meal whenever you have time.

It can take some time perfect the sauce, so be patient and continue to improve your pasta sauce knowledge.

8. Don’t hesitate to try different kinds of pasta.

As discussed earlier, endless options are available for kinds of pasta. You can even make the dough at home and make your own pasta. There’s so much to try and create; all you need is some free time and excitement to make pasta on your own.

You can take online classes or watch videos on how to cook different pasta dishes at home. You can also design your own sauces and recipes to suit your taste. Cooking pasta is a skill and learning it allows you to open an incredible selection of meals to try.


Cooking pasta at home is one of the best ways to ensure a gourmet dinner for your loved ones without spending much money. It’s also a skill that requires patience and correct knowledge of how to perfect a pasta dish.

In this article, we talked about some of the best tips and techniques for those who want to master the art of cooking pasta. We hope you can now cook pasta like a professional with these tips and often treat yourself to some delicious pasta from now on!

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