I love an inspiring weight loss story when I am struggling and I know you do too. Aaron’s story is definitely that!

Here is Aaron sharing with us his weight loss journey which at present means he has lost a whopping 16 stones! I will pass you over to Aaron to share his story.

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Aaron’s weight loss story

Well, where to start my story has been ongoing for years trying many fad diets with them usually lasting up to a month before I fall to the demons and gain what I had lost.

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This time it was different, shuffle back to summer 2016, whilst on a drinking holiday in Magaluf with pals, we came across and befriended a couple who were on their holidays also, who had been on Slimming World and had lost a life-changing amount of weight.

Sitting there I was intrigued to know the story, the plan and their motivation for doing this.

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Earlier in the year my biggest supporter Nan whom I was extremely close to was diagnosed with terminal cancer and it hit me very hard. I had begun comfort eating, binging, and drinking a lot of alcohol and full-fat fizzy drinks. I bottled up all my emotions and it brought on depression. Which led to me ballooning in weight.

At my sister’s wedding in August 2016, my Nan took me aside and said to me you are not happy, are you? This led to me revealing to my Nan I was struggling with the thought of losing her and my weight and health was getting me down.

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She told me that only I can be the trigger to do it for myself and it has to click. But whatever my decision she will be there to support me to the end.

I went on to promise her I will do it for myself more importantly but for her too as she wanted to see me happy again as I hadn’t been for years.

In January 2017 I plucked up the courage to call my consultant nerve-wracking and probably one of the scariest things I’ve had to do.

At least I thought it was until the day I actually went to my first slimming world group. Standing outside the doors telling myself this could be my last chance just do it!

Then the demon inside said don’t go in your not ready you’re going to fail!

My fear of walking in was that everyone was going to look at me and think wow he’s massive. I was going to be the biggest in the room and people will judge me.

The fact Slimming World is perceived as an all-woman group and I’d be the only guy in there. This leads me to confirm this is not true either of these thoughts.

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I sat in a group chat with my consultant who was so supportive and encouraging and told me everything was going to be OK, just embrace the plan and the puzzle will all fit together.

Then came the weigh-in, I stood on scales not knowing what I weighed for around 6 years.

I was amazed and distraught to know I weighed a whopping 30.5 stone. It was at that moment I knew I was going to do this!

My Nan passed away in March 2017, a month into my journey, 2 days after my birthday.

By this time I knew I was doing this for her and had lost 1.5 stone. When she passed she was so proud that I was finally doing it.

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Within the 1st year, I had lost 10 stone simply by embracing the plan. I hardly incorporated any exercise into the plan until the 6th-month mark and that was only walking around the park due to being scared and embarrassed to enter a gym.

Now I’m loving life, I am healthy and doors are being opened to new possibilities I never thought I would get the chance to experience.

I am 16 stone lighter and have been a target member twice but resetting my target as I felt I could go lower and healthier.

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Aaron’s weight loss tips

When starting your journey, the end goal can seem very off-putting and distant.

Set small achievable goals along the way to keep you motivated. Each time you achieve that goal it will give you a buzz to want more.

Having one-third speed food on your plate is vital with every meal, not just in your dish but as a side too. (Speed food is vegetables and some fruits for those who do not follow Slimming World).

Have plenty of water.

Batch cooking and food planning for the week. There may be times when you are down and can’t be bothered to cook so at least you have something that just needs to be put in the microwave etc.

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If you experience a hurdle where for example someone offers you a bad treat remind yourself why you are doing Slimming World. Think how many times have I had this treat and that 5-minute satisfaction. Weigh that up with how many years have you been happy and healthy.

Don’t let one day define your whole week if you have a blip one day forget it, draw the line, and go again the next day. We are human we are bound to have off days. We have to still enjoy life.

Finally, just embrace the plan and think of the many non-scale victories you will come across. I have had many from being able to shop in high street stores, fitting in aeroplane seats and seat belts, confidence to go on holiday on my own and even go topless.

Believe in yourself, everyone has the willpower and motivation to be successful on their journey. Be the positive change and make yourself the person you were meant to be.

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I have a lot of weight loss guides and support if you want to exercise including if you have a condition like fibromyalgia.

Have a good look around and see how I can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Request my free resources to get you started too!

Additionally, if you could spare a little money Aaron would love you to donate a little to Princess Alice Hospice who looked after his Nan in her last days. You can donate here so they can help more people like Aaron’s Nan.

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