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If you are not a gym bunny and don’t want to go for a run then maybe you are starting to think exercise just isn’t for you. There are so many fun exercises out there that won’t even seem like exercise you will have so much fun. However, before you get excited I am not saying that any exercise will outweigh a diet of takeaways! Here are all the reasons horse riding could help you.

Lady riding a horse
Photo thanks to Anna from Twins and Travels.

How good an exercise is horse riding?

Whilst horse riding, in general, is good for exercise the most calories are burnt through galloping. The harder it feels on your body, the better the exercise is.

Horse riding exercises so much of your body because you are using your thighs to grip but also your core to maintain the correct posture. It truly is a full-body workout.

There are plenty of places you can go to learn to ride around the country. Alternatively, have you considered owning a horse?

If you have the money to pay for the horse, a nice stable and of course vet treatments and such then this could be a great way of ensuring you keep to your exercise! I was surprised at the variety of stables to choose from at Vale Timber Stables.

Lady jumping a horse
Photo thanks to Anna from Twins and Travels.

5 Benefits horse riding has on your body

Horse riding is great for fitness as it adds something a bit different to your usual regime and can be such fun too. Aside from cleaning out the stables and grooming your horse which of course are both workouts in themselves.


To ride a horse well you need to be in the right positions and be flexible enough to move with the horse and stabilise yourself.

A good stretch before your ride and another to cool down afterwards should help but in the long run horse riding will also help your flexibility in other areas too.


Do you find you are not the most coordinated of people? It may sound crazy as you need coordination to ride a horse but it also helps your coordination too.

The body awareness horse riding gives you will really help in the long run too. Don’t forget that horse riding is used in therapy for many disabled and blind children for this very reason!

Exercises your arms and shoulders

On a horse you never get to relax your arms and shoulders, they are always busy. This is one reason horse riding is good exercise. Don’t underestimate the number of calories burnt and the muscles used by your arms alone.

Two horses on a country footpath

A great leg exercise

While you are enjoying your ride trotting along you are squatting and holding that squat up and down for quite a length of time. For galloping, you are clenching your thighs.

Think of all that weight loss while you are clenching those inner thigh muscles. A great workout for your quads, hamstrings and glutes all whilst having fun.

Last but not least your core

Your core is really in use with horse riding and used to hold your body in the correct position throughout. Whilst you are riding this will come naturally to you and you might not even feel like you are working out.

After the ride, you may feel the effects but the benefits really do outway the pain and tiredness. Not only that but good core strength is beneficial with other exercise too and also just day-to-day life.

Next time you are decorating you may realise your stamina and core strength increased just because you have enjoyed horse riding!

Do you do any unique exercises that others may not realise are good for weight loss? Even skateboarding can be a great way to exercise!

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  1. Just remember that horses have a weight limit, so please keep this in mind when you go horse riding because you are riding on their backs!!